The Paladin is a half-DPS , half-support class from Lost Ark

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They are still assassins. Warlocks are exceptionally tough DPS. They blend magic with various melee combat methods and can do excellent damage on Lost Ark Boosting group of enemies, as well as singular entities. Much like the Bloodblade, the Warlock is a fairly fragile classthat could transform into a demon when the Shadow gauge is full. In demon form, the Warlock is stronger and is able to hit very, very hard. It's also one of class with the most flashy spells. It's also very easy to play, which is sure to be a huge draw for players. She's quite weak in PvP. It also comes with a lot of different possible build options.

The Berserker is quite clearly an equivalent to the legendary warrior of any MMO. He is armed with a massive sword , which he utilizes to overcome many enemies. When he fights the Berserker, he swells with rage, causing him it to turn into...Berserker. In this form He is extremely powerful against crowds of enemies, but they are also pretty good when it comes to PvP. This is a fairly simple class to play, with quite slow animations and long cooldowns whenever it's time to burst a target.

The Paladin

The Paladin is a half-DPS , half-support class from Lost Ark. While this class is able to take moderate damage in the early and mid-game It excels in its role as a support character in higher-level tasks. Truth be told, DPS Paladins are extremely poor in the latter stages of the game. The Paladin uses his expertise to defend his friends and offer them advantages in damage and survivability. The decent DPS allows it to level up quite easily, and it's a relatively simple to play as a class.

The Gunslinger

Its Lancer Gun is one of the most effective tanks that you can find in Lost Ark. It is able to absorb the most harrowing bosses without difficulty and can also deal fairly solid burst damage. It is a particular form of play that is reserved by those who love being in cheap Lost Ark Gold the frontline. He has very limited mobility and his ability to move is often in Lost Ark, a backward jump. However, he is relatively easy for players to manage and the best tank on the field.