The world's first sex doll is on sale this year, and a new relationship will be born?

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people panic and don't know what impact it will have on humans, but technology generally brings humans closer.

Recently, the world's first robot sex doll was born

To put it bluntly, it is the best match for inflatable dolls, and it is the "welfare for otaku", and it may also be the reason why they "believe in orphans". So here comes the question: Do otaku buy inflatable dolls just for sex? Is there any other reason? Do otakus need love too? Then why can't you love humans? Here comes the sex doll, what role does it play between "sex" and "love"? Can it replace humans? Do sex dolls count as love? Before thinking, let us go into the inner world of the otaku, and also see what the ethicists have to say.

A high degree of combination of AI technology and the needs of silicone sex dolls

The Realdoll studio, owned by American adult products company Abyss Creations, has produced the world's first silicone sex dolls, called Harmony, with physical movement and voice capabilities. Although the movement of the head, eyelids and lips is still very stiff, and the language ability is limited, she is a combination of AI and a highly simulated human body, which represents a new revolution in sex doll technology.

The new sex doll will be available soon this year in two versions. One is a version with facial recognition that sells for $10,000; the other version without the feature costs $5,000.

Gangster's Woman Real Sex Doll

The dolls made by Realdoll are aimed at male consumers, but the studio also says they also have a lot of female customers. All of these dolls have big breasts and fat hips, with slender waists, like Barbie dolls, in line with people's concept of beauty. And consumers can also customize their own dolls. But Matt said, customers are so perfect that they have their own set of aesthetic standards.

Smart teen sex dolls: an inevitable trend

"I never thought these dolls and teen sex dolls could replace humans," said Matt, the company's CEO. He has not bought sex dolls himself, and said that he has a wife and children who are "real human beings with flesh and blood." But he believes that AI technology like Harmony is an inevitable trend in the development of sex dolls and will change the interaction between humans and sex dolls.

Sexy Dancer Real Sex Doll

At present, the target group of sex dolls is mainly men, but there are already many startups in the industry creating robot sex dolls for women. This type of sex doll is used to create intimate relationships that ultimately benefit relationships. Every time technology changes,