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began to watch some protagonists as dolls and scenes set in the future. Cyber ​​animation, watching a lot, he dreamed more than once, in the dream, Sakura came alive like a Machina.



I live with a realistic sex doll

Lonely patients in the city began to put their feelings on the realistic sex doll, walking, eating, watching movies with the doll, and planning the future of living with the SEX doll. Behind living with sex dolls is the ultimate loneliness of human beings.

December 24, 2016 was the first Christmas Eve that Zheng Zehe spent with Nao Nao. In a popular restaurant, Nao Nao, who was sitting in an aviation wheelchair, was placed on the right by Zheng Ze.

It's a well-planned date, the restaurant is new, and it's festively dressed up. Nao Nao wore a white pom-pom beanie hat, a silver wig, and the cuffs of the pink coat showed slender, white fingers. Before coming, Zheng Ze also went to the shopping mall to buy a gift for Nao Nao, a tube of YSL15 lipstick for 340 yuan.


The restaurant was filled with a warm and sweet smell, and the accompanying people talked and toasted each other. Zheng Ze held the noisy hand, but was unable to talk to it. Nao Nao is a simulated silicone sex dolls. The skeleton of the whole body is made of metal, and the skeleton is filled with sponge, and finally coated with colloid. Nao Nao has a pair of soft, delicate and smooth hands. If you look carefully, you can see that the knuckles on the fingers are concave, and there are even fine lines. The only difference is that these hands have always been cold.

The daily life of this man and the silicone sex dolls

Zheng Ze is a man who lives with realistic female sex doll. People are more familiar with japanese sex dolls as sex tools. With the advancement of material technology, bionics and TPE have been applied to the production of physical dolls. mini sex dolls with more delicate facial features, more well-proportioned bodies, and touches close to real people have begun to secretly enter the lives of lonely people. and occupy a place in their spiritual world.

Almost in the winter of 2016, Tong Xing bought the first mini sex dolls, Nana, for adult function. At that time, Tong Xing never imagined that one day he would have feelings for anthropomorphic objects made of TPE. Nana has long brown hair, neat bangs, and a round face, the type that Tong Xing fell in love with at first sight.

After the lust was released, Tong Xing put on Nana's own blue jeans, light blue shirt, and brown wig. When combing Nana's hair, the smooth hair passed through Tong Xing's fingers and spread out on the face and body that were infinitely close to the real person, which made Tong Xing, who had never been in love, suddenly nervous. He and Nana sat side by side, kneading and kneading like a young couple. Tong Xing thought, "If she can talk and communicate, it must be great."


Two months later, Tong Xing needed to transfer Nana because of her job resignation. He carefully selected buyers on the post bar to make sure that the other party was not a second-hand dealer. After negotiating the deal, he sorted out Nana's disassembled and undisassembled clothes and shoes one by one and put them away. The guilt lingered in Tong Xing's heart, and he felt that he had abandoned Nana.

Japanese sex dolls owner Zhang Bo

Zhang Bo, a Beijing native, chose the company of physical japanese sex dolls because of the failure of intimacy. At the age of 35, he once had a partner who talked about marriage, but the girl broke up with him because Zhang Bo couldn't buy a new house. The disheartened Zhang Bo no longer looks forward to marriage, but hopes to have a child. He spent more than 15,000 yuan to buy the silicone doll "Sakura", and raised this 145 cm object as his daughter. In order to cultivate his emotions, Zhang Bo, who loves two-dimensional culture, began to watch some protagonists as dolls and scenes set in the future. Cyber ​​animation, watching a lot, he dreamed more than once, in the dream, Sakura came alive like a Machina.


As a kind of sex toy, physical male sex doll are difficult things for lonely people to talk about, but in reality, they are walking out of the obscure area, showing up, playing roles in some people's lives, having names and even sincere emotions. Living with love dolls is an incisive manifestation of urban autism.

Having lived with the sex doll for a long time, Zhang Bo's only regret is that Xiao Ying's "chest is too big, she doesn't look like a child". For this reason, he has looked for countless manufacturers, trying to change to a body with a smaller chest, but to no avail.