Remember that using this way is generally very slow

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Remember that using this way is generally very slow and RuneScape gold lots of time is required. For instance, achieving up to 99 with just Fire Strike could take roughly a thousand hours (almost 42 days!). There is a reason why there aren't many YouTube videos that discuss skills that involve splashes. This is precisely the reason this technique is only recommended to low-level players and those who are able to fake a lot.

At the level of 4 in Magic, players who play RuneScape get the ability to Enhance Bolts. This is a great method of leveling Magic that results in minor losses or even gains at times. It is an alternate to High Alchemy that is more laborious than charming. You can make up to 300k exp every hour, at a higher level, by clicking abilities instead of doing it on autopilot.

Okay, maybe I'm lying slightly. There isn't a simple method to achieve magic 99 in RuneScape because patience and time are required. However, we'll show you how to become a proficient wizard faster and in a quicker waythan just getting to know and exploring.

The process of leveling in RuneScape can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Below you will find the most straightforward route which will lead you to your highest level. If you've got money (around 30k minimum) you can start your training in the form of splashing with Lumbridge rats. However if you don't, you either got to earn some gold or follow the guidelines below. By following these steps, magic is your mark of recognition.

When you start at the beginning, you'll be looking to cheap OSRS GP purchase some Mind Runes and Air Staff. This allows you to utilize one of the Strike Spells - Wind Strike. You can fight Goblins to the east of the castle, or Cows at the northeast farm.