Preparing For Oil Boom in Ghana - Any Lessons From Others?

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Republic of Ghana, H.E. Mr John Agyekum Kufuor. In a typical Ghanaian regular way, President Kufuor

Recall this clear yet skillful Ghanaian saying which exhorts us: "Accepting Sunday will be an awesome day, Saturday will light the shape."

Ghana is one of the most regarded grounds in Africa. Ghana is very, abundant in mineral resources. Ghana is provided with gold, gem, bauxite, manganese, etc Ghana has cocoa, blunder, arable grounds, and streams, tropical wildernesses, took care of with trading deluges and edified by tropical sun shimmer enduring as the year progressed.

In any case, Ghana has been politically screwed up for a surprisingly long time by degenerate government authorities and conceited military swashbucklers who could make a boat stack of cocoa to be free as a bird on the Atlantic Ocean. This reveals why Ghana should be started a Heavily Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC) in the monetary history of the country.

In June 2007, essentially three months after Ghana had applauded her Golden Jubilee Anniversary, on 6th March that year, an American oil examination association called Kosmos Energy in a joint exertion with Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) went to the Castle Osu in Accra to see the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Mr John Agyekum Kufuor. In a typical Ghanaian regular way, President Kufuor and his seniors plunked down to focus on the legitimate and mechanical visitors.

The head of Kosmos Energy, advertisement Musselman, who is in like manner the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of that oil examination association, encouraged the authority language expert to enlighten the President that they had conveyed elevating news to him. Then, the President responded: "In Ghanaian culture, news can't should be lucky or lamentable until it is told. Hence, therefore, I, the central local area laborer of the land and my authority older people are listening enthusiastically to hear the news you brought this dawn when we are yet to put a drop of water on our tongues."

It was then that Mr. Musselman encouraged the authority etymologist to enlighten H.E. that he and his accessories had come to proclaim to the President that Kosmos Energy had observed oil in business sum offshore the Republic of Ghana on the West Cape Three Points Block in the western region of the country. At first the President seemed, by all accounts, to be not to have heard the message suitably. Thusly, he changed himself in his majestic/official rocker, uttered a sound as though to talk and trained the authority language expert to orchestrate the Kosmos modeler to repeat his message. Then, Mr Musselman, to some degree restless, like he had presented some screw up, and with troubled voice said: "Pleeease, eerr - Okyeame, I say thoughtfully enlighten His Excellency the President that our focal objective here recently is to pronounce to him that our association has found around 600million barrels of light oil offshore his revered country - Ghana.

One would have guessed that the President should jump to his feet right away and start jubilating. Maybe President Kufuor further tried: "Okyeame, ask the Kosmos engineer what is the evidence that Ghana has observed oil as he declares." Then Mr Musselman, put his hand in a goat skin calfskin sack and drew out a container of some faint gritty liquid. A part of the liquid was filled a plate. To a layman like this maker, the said liquid looked a ton of like pure honey. "Take this," says Mr Musselman, "present it to H.E. that this is the confirmation that Ghana has oil gushing under the sea in the Western Region.