You may want to know more about the benefits

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Of course, on top of being fighting pure accounts, there's accounts that are pure for fun. It's hard to become one as you'll need to stay clear of learning about RuneScape gold specific skills and then leveling up other. Most of the time, it will mean the experience is more difficult leveling. It is not possible to gain access to all the zones You can't finish each task, not all of the events and special activities are there for you. However, we have to admit that there's something interesting about getting an account leveled that is that is so restricted.

Adventurers who have chosen this way of playing will typically remain at level 3 and only level up non-combat skills. With the help of farming experience, which belongs only to crafting skills they can achieve a total level of more than 1500 even while being at level 3.

These individual accounts are called Skill Pure. A majority of the time they are there just for the feeling of achievement they get from avoiding other capabilities that they would rather not have however, some choose to do it in order to appear according to the official web site. If they're doing it because of one reason or the other - without a doubt, it is an amazing achievement to have a high-end accounts like this.

You may want to know more about the benefits that come from playing like this. Like we said before, the primary reason why people do this is because they feel like they have achieved success. The other reason is glory and boasting purposes. The players who have the ability to attain an experience cape while at the third level are able to display it at Grand Exchange and other popular places on Gielinor.

Back in the days the past, this was a huge thing because very few adventurers could do it However, nowadays you'll see accounts like this often. The reason for this, it doesn't seem like anything that special anymore.

As our guide is closing to an end, you should be aware of other important things. If you are planning to travel by pking, you should always be equipped to fight. Make sure you have the necessary gear in your bank including boots and other items that cheap RS gold can aid you in your quick recovery after the death. If you're a ranger keep in mind that you don't need to carry the hide helmet - just coif will suffice.