Set up your Trezor with Shamir Backup on

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There is no doubt that the entire world of cryptocurrency can be challenging for beginners and intermediaries traders. Which results in facing difficulties while finding a secure and reliable way to store and manage cryptocurrencies. And if you are also one of those who are looking for a secure and reliable wallet to store and manage cryptocurrencies, then look no further than Trezor Wallet. It is a type of hardware wallet that offers various unique features and benefits including Shamir Backup security.

If you are unaware of the term Shamir Backup, then we want you to clarify that it is a new security feature supported on Trezor Model T and allows its users to generate more than one recovery share to back up their private keys.

In our further content, we will cover topics such as where to buy Trezor Wallet and two instruction guides that will help you to download Trezor Suite on and set up your wallet with Shamir Backup security. 

Where to buy Trezor Wallet?

After reading through the above sections we are sure that you are now interested in using Trezor Wallet with Shamir Backup. But if you are unaware of where to buy the Trezor wallet, then we want you to clarify that you can easily order it on or can directly buy it from an authorized seller. And remember one thing, if you order Trezor model “One”, then you will not be able to use the Shamir Backup feature, as it is only available for Trezor Model “T”. 

Steps to download Trezor Suite:

We have mentioned below an easy step-by-step guide that will help you to download Trezor Suite on your desktop.

  1. Open your preferred browser and visit

  2. Click on “Download for Desktop”.

  3. Once you click on “Download for Desktop”, the downloading process will begin.

  4. In the last step, you just need to install it on your desktop by following the on-screen instructions to finish the entire process of downloading Trezor Suite via 

Steps to set up your Trezor Wallet with Shamir Backup:

Once you download the Trezor Suite, you can easily create or set up your Trezor Wallet with Shamir Backup security by following the given below steps.

Note: We are going to use Trezor model T as an example in our further steps.

  1. Plug in your Trezor Device with your computer or laptop. 

  2. Now you can see a command on your device to visit, but as we have already installed the Trezor Suite App, so simply launch it on your desktop.

  3. Install the firmware to the latest version (if available) and then choose the “Create new wallet” option.

  4. Now, hit on “Shamir share backup” and then confirm the action on your Trezor device.

  5. Select “Create backup” and then “Begin backup” option.

  6. Now, select the number of recovery shares by pressing “Continue” on your Trezor device.

  7. Once you set the number of shares on your Trezor device, again press “Continue” in order to set the number of “Threshold”.

  8. After setting your recovery shares and threshold, write down all of your recovery shares on a blank paper and keep them in a safe place. 

  9. Once you have written down all of your recovery shares, press “Continue” on your Trezor device.

  10. In the last step, switch back to your desktop screen, set a PIN for your device, and then follow the further prompts to finish the process of setting up your Trezor Wallet.


Overall, the entire process of downloading Trezor Suite on and setting it up with the Shamir Backup security is easy and straightforward that can be done in just a few clicks. But if you are unaware of how to do so, then go through the instructions mentioned in our above sections of this write-up