Path of Exile patch improves the Scourge map and items

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Since the Exile Road: After the launch of the natural disaster, to meet the needs of the majority of players in the game. The developers of GGG have applied numerous bug fixes and improvements. Every improvement is to make the game smoother. Patch 3.16.0d continues to make more improvements, especially improvements to natural disaster maps and items.

Players in the Path of Exile community have launched some very scary statistics items. The data will always show the player's experience of the game most straightforwardly. To improve the game experience, players can also choose Buy POE Currency. This will also be shown in the data. Faced with some negative discussions, developers understand this frustration. So they changed it.

The use of natural disaster maps will slightly reduce blood volume over time. And the player leaving the nightmare zone will cause you to lose all the accumulated blood. For bug fixes, the special year of 2021 also gives game designers plenty of time to prepare.

Improved natural disaster map. No longer can produce disadvantages that directly offset its advantages. The improvement of the game is a comprehensive correction made by players following their suggestions. In order to maintain high combat effectiveness. Players can choose Buy POE Currency on the website. Now the amount of HP lost when killing natural disaster monsters has been reduced to a minimum after improvement. This minimum is currently 0.4%. The previous data is 0.5%. Therefore, when the player is removed from the nightmare, he will still lose a small amount of blood.

In addition, the damage of explosive pods during boss battles in the stagnant map has been reduced. The micro-transaction of the Kraken weapon found in the store has been renamed the Trident weapon. The Rank 1 Defenses Crafting Bench option has also changed from 6 Orbs of Change to 4 Orbs of Transformation.