I have not done fighter insanity

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Ok, this tome I want help with all the treasure trails.I know if u have one already in inventory or lender, you wont recieve one. And that it takes some time to RuneScape gold finish it. Now my problem is...(drum roll)...I cant get tham like I used to, what im trying to say is nobody dropping them anymore. Even when I try to change lvl of hint scrollnuttin. I dont have one in inventory or my lender. If any one will tell me please respond. Im running low on money recently so I was wondering whether some one could tell me a few hints. (seee stats below for imformation).Would this job be easy enough to finish or would I be near departure and/or be not hitting quite well... Anyone saying use d scimmy it hits better is getting a big fat worn, I don't have one, I'm probably not ever going to and I have not done fighter insanity... I really need this help quickly, in case you have any info, please post. Any other information on dagganoths would be very useful aswell. I don't have any experience fighting them...

Within the next few months, will steel pubs nevertheless be a profitable source or are they coming down in price? Due to the 3k trade cap I had been considering mining the iron since I could do that fairly fast but then purchase the coal off G.E, smelt, sell on G.E and repeat. Or is this somehow not going to do the job? Second of all, I've 3k coal and 1.5k iron within my bank at the current time so if I smelt and market as soon as quickly or if I hold onto them for buy osrs gold safe some time longer?