Prefer to buy sex dolls

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Many small brands have the same style as big brands, but different quality, so it is important to choose the appropriate purchase channel. Purchasing also requires you to spend more time observing and understanding.

At present, most real-life sex dolls are produced in Guangdong Province, mainly in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Dalian and other places, but many people prefer to buy some cheap sex dolls. It’s not that cheap dolls are bad.

The physical structure of the physical doll is better than the EVO skeleton, with a wider range of activities and very flexibility. It is currently the preferred skeleton for large-scale real-life dolls, but products using this kind of skeleton are somewhat expensive. The cost of goods is much higher. Regarding purchasing inflatable shemale sex dolls, you can consult us and we will provide you with the most professional answers and some of the latest offers.

Please tell me about various aspects of the sex doll body. Sex dolls are changing the industry, say goodbye to the past era of blow up dolls where you don’t see those scary blow up dolls, now comes the new product of True Love Dolls that can help say goodbye to handcuffs and it’s time to do it.

The bottom line is that today's real-life dolls are becoming more and more realistic, but reality is not. Very good, don’t miss it if you want to know about physical dolls.

At present, love dolls are mainly divided into pure silicone and TPE, but the main one is TPE, because the material of silicone real dolls is relatively expensive and does not have much advantage compared with TPE. Physical dolls are also produced in small quantities in factories in China, and most of them are mainly for overseas markets. Chinese people's understanding of physical male sex doll is still in its infancy.

In addition, the emergence of many small workshops that copy real-life dolls in recent years has also had a certain impact on the physical doll industry. However, the well-known domestic counterfeiting problem is endless and the protection of intellectual property rights is still incomplete. t it. Because there is no uniformity, we regularly ship high-quality sex dolls. We are currently cooperating with major domestic brands of true love dolls to deliver goods at the lowest price.