A Complete Download to Login Process of Mew Wallet

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MEW Wallet came into the race in 2015, and very soon MEW Wallet attracted users in large numbers due to its rich features.

Unlike other cryptocurrency wallets, MEW Wallet allows users to store their digital assets on their personal computers instead of storing them online in any wallet. These unique features provide this wallet a huge popularity among users. It is a free and open-source wallet that allows users to interact directly with the Ethereum blockchain network and create their online crypto wallets. 

MEW Wallet is also known as the paper wallet because its private key is stored offline and therefore users need to print their private key on the paper and keep it safe. MEW Wallet doesn’t take responsibility for the safety and security of users' funds, it is completely on the users to keep their private key safe and secure the moment they create an account. In the coming blog, we will discuss how to download and create a new MEW Wallet and its login process. 

Steps to download the Mew wallet

If you are looking to download the MEW Wallet but facing a problem then follow the steps to download it safely. 

  1. Just go to your “Google Play Store” or “Apple Play Store” and search Mew wallet. 
  2. Now select the wallet that you believe is the original one. 
  3. Once the wallet is successfully installed then open it. 

Note – You can download MEW Wallet directly through their official website -

Steps to create a new Mew wallet

  1. Open the MEW Wallet and tap on the “Create new wallet” option.
  2. Create a strong password for your account and re-type to confirm the password. 
  3. Click on the “Start using MEWconnect’.
  4. On the next step recovery phrase would be visible on the screen. Keep that phrase safe. 
  5. Lastly, click on the “Backup” button to finish the setup of your Mew Wallet. 

This is how you can easily create a new MEW Wallet without facing any problems. 

Steps to log in to Mew wallet

  1. Open the new wallet extension or application.
  2. After opening tap on the “Login Button”
  3. Now enter the account password correctly and review it once before proceeding. 
  4. Click on the “Continue” tab to log in. Soon home page will appear in front of your screen. 


MEW Wallet is one of the leading Ethereum wallets in the trading world. This wallet allows users to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrency within the wallet. MEW Wallet is an open-source wallet that allows its users to access decentralized applications. MEW Wallet encourages users to connect their hardware wallet to a MEW Wallet for increased security of the wallet. 

MEW Wallet also comes with a mobile application that allows its users to access the wallet easily. The wallet has an easy interface that helps beginners to manage their digital assets easily. The wallet also provides the best support to its users through articles, email, or chatbots to provide users with a better experience.