Unique Video Ideas to Get People Watching Your Channel

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The Video entertainment industry is growing at an exponential rate. YouTube is currently the 2nd biggest social media network where the users accumulate billions of views and watch billions of hours of videos daily.

The Video entertainment industry is growing at an exponential rate. YouTube is currently the 2nd biggest social media network where the users accumulate billions of views and watch billions of hours of videos daily. YouTube has the biggest search in the world, hence it can give a boost and grow the audience of any product. There are many different platforms that have now emerged and their users are also growing at a fast rate. These apps like TikTok have also emerged victorious among these giants by their user compatibility.

There are many educational channels on YouTube which provide proper guidance for any subject required. You can also get take my teas for me at take online exam help for your university dissertation. There is a wide range of videos available to benefit your knowledge. 

Unique Ideas for Your Channel


Vlogging is just like Blogging but in verbal form for educational, entertaining, and personal purposes. Businesses and individuals can use vlog to engage with the viewers and widen their audiences. You can also vlog just by using a simple camera phone and it does not require a high-tech DSLR. You can just start recording yourself when you wake up and do your daily chores. 

Explanation Videos

These explanation videos include many types of genres. It can be anything that can be explained through a video for your respective audience. It can be educational, tutorials, cooking videos, and many more. 

·        Educational videos

These videos can contain any explanation of a subject or a concept that seems difficult for the students. You can target any class group in which you seem you are experts. You can explain the questions on a whiteboard or if you have the resources, you can explain it on software through your laptop. Either way, you can showcase a math trick, complex coding, or anything in which the students face difficulties. Another way of showcasing a problem is by going live during the exam seasons and showing solutions on the spot. 

·        Workout Videos

If you are a fitness freak and a gym enthusiast, this can surely be a platform where you can showcase your skills. Motivating people to start gym and guiding them properly could give you many views. Most people pay a bulk for gym instructors, if you provide them with the same guidance for free, they would probably get more attracted to your videos. Your videos could include all sorts of workouts like yoga, stretching, bodybuilding, etc. 

·        Product Reviews

Product reviews are the videos which most peoples view before purchasing a new product such as a mobile phone or any technological device. It is not just restricted to technical aspects but any product you can think of. It can also be a review or an app or a service like an app like PUBG or a service like Airbnb. 

Unboxing videos also have a massive fan following. Unboxing can be done for the newest iPhone or an integrated toy. Many people when they watch someone open boxes on YouTube. So now, when you buy a new product, don’t just start opening it, make a video while unboxing it. 

·        Tutorials

Tutorial or how-to videos are one of the most popular category videos on YouTube. Mainly tech and beauty influencers are working on it but the possibilities of making these types of are unlimited. You can make a video on how to play the piano, how to ride a car, how to gain confidence, and many more. You could gain views and help someone gain that skill. 

·        Cooking Videos

Many housewives can easily use their free time at home and share a video of them making a meal with clear instructions and recipes. They can showcase any tricks or tips for a recipe and gain insights from the customers. Many professionals also make this kind of video and post it on YouTube for views. 

·        Tour Guide

Many people tend to watch videos before going on a trip. You can show the viewer’s scenes from the place by visiting that place and guiding them about everything. You can describe the environment, hotel situations, and many other techniques with prices.

Prank Videos 

Prank Videos are really famous these days. People usually open YouTube for getting relaxed and entertained, these prank videos are the best videos for stress relief. You just need someone to operate a camera and shoot your video while you prank someone. 


Reviewing products can be sometimes difficult but is really growing on YouTube. You can review many things like, a movie, a book, or a game and share your insight of how you felt. You can explain the movie and gain the viewer’s insights too and ask them which movie you should review next. For a book review, you have to read the whole book first. These reviews should not contain any spoilers as viewers hate when a movie has no suspense before they watch and that could have an adverse effect on your channel. 


Some of the most viral videos are funny videos. You can share a laugh with someone and get subscribers. Prank videos are one of the leading genres of comedy. You can also compose and sing a music video and share it on an existing platform. If the people loved that song, they are probably going to share more and your video could go viral. Music videos with costumes and sets can also be a way to gain views but It can be really costly. 

Baby Videos

Nowadays, baby videos are also going viral. All the kids are now addicted to these baby videos on YouTube and some also have over a billion views. An example is a poem, Baby Shark, which was the most viral baby video ever and is still growing. 

There are many more ideas which you can work on and earn money from YouTube. You just have to select the idea which is best suited for you and can be easily adapted. You should be an expert in it because making a mistake can decrease your subscribers sometimes. You can make educational videos of students who are stuck and need take my teas for me at take online exam help premium servicesYou can guide them through your videos and tell them some tips and tricks.