Actify Nft Settings Through Your Ledger Wallet App

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You can hide and unhide the NFTs based on your preferences. And, to help you with the complete series of steps we have crafted this read.

Popularly recognized as Ledger Live is the Ledger wallet app that is paired up with the Ledger hardware wallets whenever you wish to operate the trading tasks through it. Alternatively, this means that by accessing the Live app, you can watch out your complete trade data including the crypto assets. 

However, there are some NFTs that don’t imply much impact on our trade or in which investors are less interested. Thus, investors don’t feel the need to monitor those NFTs on a daily basis. In such a case, what they can do is hide the NFTs in which they are less interested. 

Yes, you can hide and unhide the NFTs based on your preferences. And, to help you with the complete series of steps, we have crafted this read.

Have a look at it.

Action Guide to hide NFTs

The course of action that one needs to follow to enable the NFT settings through your Ledger Wallet app has been categorized under two basic heads in this read i.e. steps to hide and unhide NFTs from your portfolio.

We will be learning all the steps involved in each of the processes one by one. Firstly, we will start by having a look at how to hide NFTs from Ledger Live, and the steps to be followed in this case are:

  1. Access the Ledger Live app and navigate to the “Accounts” head
  2. Now reach the account having NFTs that you are willing to hide
  3. Move down the page searching for the “NFT Collections” tab and then tap on “See Gallery”
  4. A list carrying all the NFTs will appear. From the appeared list, look for the one that you want to hide
  5. At the right side of the NFT, look and click on the three dots
  6. Further, tap on “Hide NFT Collection”
  7. A pop-up message will then appear, asking for your final confirmation
  8. Tap on the relevant option to hide your NFT

All done!! By performing these sets of operations, you will be able to hide the selected NFTs. Further, they will remain hidden unless you take the action to unhide them.

Moves to unhide NFTs

Want to unhide the NFTs that you have hidden earlier?

No worries, get it done easily by performing a couple of below-listed simple actions. 

Below, is the complete set of actions that you need to take, and they are:

  1. Open the Ledger wallet app and tap on the gear-shaped icon (Settings)
  2. Now, move toward the “Accounts” tab and click on it
  3. Further, hit on “Hidden NFT Collections” and then click on the listed arrow on the right side
  4. Prior action will open up all the hidden NFTs that you are holding currently
  5. Tap on the cross icon to unhide the NFT

Ways to tackle malicious/unknown NFTs

The two simplest ways through which you can deal with the malicious/unknown NFTs are:

  • Evade interacting with them (unknown NFTs). If you feel something suspicious, don’t move ahead with it without performing an in-depth investigation
  • Take actions to hide NFTs

Closing Thoughts

The Ledger wallet app showcases the complete picture of the crypto assets that an investor holds. Thus, if you want to hide/unhide any of your NFTs then, simply follow the steps covered in this read. Further, one thing that investors should keep in mind is that they should have the latest version of the Ledger Live. For any other query or to learn the ways of managing NFTs, you can visit the “Support” section of the Ledger.