Overlap of Path of Exile and Destiny 2

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Path of Exile has a new skill gem that works the same as the popular Destiny 2 gun. Although Path of Exile and Destiny 2 are two completely different games. Path of Exile players mainly uses skill gems to cause damage. Skill gems can be embedded in equipment to increase their damage value. In the exile expedition, there is a new bow skill gem named Storm Rain.

If the player uses this skill many times, the effect created is very shocking. For the player to quickly defeat the enemy in the game, the player can choose the Buy POE Currency. POE currency can help players quickly enhance their combat effectiveness in the shortest possible time. Destiny 2 players may know a special Exotic gun called Anarchy. Exotic guns are considered the king of DPS in PvE content. The damage caused after use is very large.

Path of Exile and Destiny 2 have something in common that is far more than it seems. Including in these two games, players can use their wisdom to create peculiar buildings to deal with various content. There are skill gems, auxiliary gyms, and unique items in the path of exile. If the player wants to move forward smoothly in the game, there are many difficulties to overcome. Players who encounter difficulties can first visit and choose Buy POE Currency. Destiny 2 comes with guns. Each gun has its privilege pool, exotic items, and various modules to choose from.

When the Road of Exile Alliance was first released on PC, there was insufficient data available for reference. The damage value caused by the skill cannot be determined. This new member of Path of Exile's skill gem series may be an Easter egg, even enough to guarantee a build around it. This comparative data shows that even different types of games will have similarities.