Honkai Star Rail 1.1 gives free pulls to assist you grab its newcomers

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Honkai Star Rail version, titled Galactic Roaming, introduces three new characters to your roster

We now take over a Honkai Star Rail release date, as well as full details of exactly what to expect in the Galactic Roaming update for that stylish anime game. Great stuff is abundant here, including a deep dive for your three new characters, but the most exciting news for Honkai Star Rail players is a generous handout of free Star Rail Special Passes that can help grab your chosen character from your upcoming Honkai: Star Rail Accounts banners.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

Honkai Star Rail version, titled Galactic Roaming, introduces three new characters to your roster. The phase one banners headliner might be a familiar face to everyone because shes the first person you observe super-hacker and gaming enthusiast Silver Wolf accompanies Kafka with the games tutorial, and youll have the capacity to pick her up soon. With her capacity to create weaknesses in enemies that satisfy your characters elements, shes a remarkably helpful addition to your cheap honkai star rail account.

The second banner features both five-star Luocha and four-star Yukong. Luocha intentions to be a potent healer, with the capacity to dispel debuffs and enemy buffs, along with an auto-heal that can pop off any time a character drops to low health without consuming any skill points. Yukong, meanwhile, has the power to speed around from the overworld, and her stacking Roaring Bow Strings will help the effect of her skills including her ultimate.

Both Silver Wolf and Luocha can get companion quests using the update, as well Yanqing and Bailu. Honkai Star Rail 1.1 also sees the opening of the Belobog Museum, together with an insightful new event to get familiar with. Starhunt Game has you join Silver Wolf aboard the Herta Space Station, Stellar Flare sees you testing combat simulation software, and Lab Assistants in Position has you helping out researcher Wen Shiling.

If you wish for some bonus pulls, youre lucky the Gift of Odyssey login bonus will allow you to claim an overall of ten free Star Rail Special Passes by logging into websites over 7 days. These can provide for any limited-time event warps, to use them immediately or save them up for future updates (Kafka, were thinking about you). Youll also have the ability to nab two Calyxes in the Garden of Plenty event.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 release date

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 releases on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The update, titled Galactic Roaming, features two banner phases centered around new characters Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong. It also adds several new events and login bonuses.

Thats all through the 1.1 special programs, but dont will lose out on the new Honkai Star Rail codes announced over the show. Youll want to make sure to grab the many Honkai Star Rail Prime Gaming rewards if youre using Amazons subscription service. Take a look through our Honkai Star Rail tier list if youre still wanting to decide who to waste all those Special Passes pulling for.