This will be a minigame in runescape that allows players to travel into another world

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The system needs to be overhauled to be more compatible with PvP. The current combat system is too strong and offensively-based for PvP RS3 Items. It would be possible to improve defensive capabilities and reduce the offensive capabilities at a minimum, in the presence of other players. Of course, I'd be open to any suggestions made by players. Jagex has always done this though, even if not with 100% effectiveness.

We've completed one world event. Now we're halfway through the second. It's time to evaluate the two and determine which is superior. I liked the first one better, partly because it was brand new and I had a more compelling reason to participate (get the warpriest which I believed was going to be the best freeplay armor. But, I was nerfed. Here are some additional reasons:

1, The loser won't be killed off. Bandos' death could result in a loss of power in a variety of stories (like that about cave goblins). Yes, quests have occurred in the past. But why bother when he will just die? Zamorak was exiled during the first quest. However, I believe he is still around Runescape with a loyal and strong following. He is nowhere near irrelevant/dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death (which I believe takes place following the first world event).

2, Central location. I am not a fan of the way that the Bird and the Beast event is distributed across the freeplay world OSRS Fire Cape for sale. It is difficult to gain an understanding of what is happening if certain aspects of the event are held all around the world.