Resorts in Kanakapura Road

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Wild Valley Adventure Retreat is the best resort in Kanakapura Road with 10 Adventure games, a swimming pool, rain dance, kayaking, paintball, target shooting and archery. A lip-smacking buffet for your taste buds will make your outing very memorable. Visit Wild Valley with your friends an

Today, many people are seeking every opportunity to travel for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment. The idea is to get away from their regular schedule. Many of the holidaymakers choose to visit other states or countries.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family

Resorts in Kanakapura Road


They opt for the various destination with great landmarks,peaceful nature and seaside beaches.One of the just destination is Bangalore.Over the last few years Bangalore has been placed in must watch cities in India to visit as a tourist. To see the beauty of this city the best option is to stay in a place from where you can get stunning view of nature.The WildValley Resorts is an essential visit due to its accessible location, services, holiday packages and activities.Here are the things that you can expect as a family from our resort and why it is the best place for staying in the Bangalore.


Ideal Family Day Outing-




A day outing trip with family is a great choice to feel the majestic beauty of the Bangalore which is enclosed by the beautiful gardens, attractive sightseeing and with acres of green foliage across the sides of Bangalore in a calm atmosphere. Spending more time with your family will reduce your anxiety, emotional pain and after these will feel relaxed and refreshed. These are the expectations that you can make when you are choosing a day outing plan from WildValley Resorts.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family

Resorts in Kanakapura Road


Astonishing Experience-


As you enter in our resort your family will fall in love with the very pleasant and a healthy environment view of the resort. After the you will be warm welcomed with some beverages by the staff. This day outing is quite different from what we experience in a normal life and even from night outing. We believe that you will be convinced and will make lot of memorable memories after trying out our activities ,rides , games and food.




Genuine Services-


When you plan any trip you always think about the services that a hotel or resorts give, if you are thinking about this then be rest assured,Our resort staff will be available for you and they will fully ensure you if you have any kind of query or need some guidance.This is what it makes us the best service provider in Bangalore.


Affordable plans-


Planning for day outing with family might be pretty hard especially if you making a plan by own it might be expensive and could be little hole in your pocket. But if you choose us you will be offered various plan and that will not make little hole in you pocket,so that you can have fun with your family.


Thus,day outing with family is the finest gift that you can give to your family and yourself.And in our view the readers must go for day outing and especially if you are planning for Bangalore you must visit here because surely you will not regret it.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family



Perfect Night Outing-




When we hear word "Night Out" we think about bars,pubs,concert etc. But many people do not know Night outing are not just for couples even you can go with family too. We all know that Bangalore is the perfect destination to visit either to see mountains or to see its skyscraper buildings.The night outing offer some of the best rare momentous in our life that we remember till the end. So the question lies in our mind that what should we expect from night outing.Here is the answer for the this question.


Immersive feeling -


As the day passed now it's time for night outing or night life.If you are planning to go as a family ,then we can clearly say that night out is hands down the best and most ideal choice that you can opt for, It has been noted over the history that nighout is a group activity rather than a solo or couple. Just imagine sitting with your family and remembering about the moments that you have spent with them isn't it awesome.


There are many activities that will offer you a wonderful experience and that are available in our resorts such as camping with family, some kind of dance and singing activities and an all age group party(not just for couples or adults).We at WildValley Resorts provide you the most utmost and the best outing experience that you can desire when it comes family nighouts. As we have bunch of amazing activities for you along with delicious meals.All the basic and essential amenities and aside from that you can just simply have a good time with your family.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family



Dazzling View-


Family night out is the ideal choice if you are planning for a vacation because it gives you an amazing closure to the nature, you can gaze at millions of stars at night, and you can have meal in a peaceful environment.This is the thing that you can expect from a night out.


We hope that now you have a clear view about night out and what can you expect from it.We genuinely think that you should plan a trip along with your family for a night out. There are many cities in India including Bangalore where you can plan a night outing. If you are choosing Bangalore as your destination city you should consider us as we have various plans for family nightout in Bangalore with separate space.We are sure that once you visit here you will not regret.



Resorts in Bangalore for Family

Satisfied Facilities-




So now you have already planned for a family trip which includes both day outing and night outing but then you think about the services, activities, facilities ,the quality of the services,which services will make you satisfied.You should not worry as we provide finest service for family trip in Bangalore, here are the services that we provide-


Delicious Food-


When it comes to food either it is home or a resort we cannot resist without delicious food.This is one of those reasons why you should choose us because as we pledge to give you a delicious food which is cooked with proper hygienic process and under the guidance of supervisor.We assure you that you will come again once you have visited here and tested our cooked food.


The food plan includes(depending upon the plan you are choosing)-Welcome beverages along with snacks, buffet breakfast, tasty lunch, evening snacks and a delightful dinner.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family

Wonderful Rides and Games-


This is what people expect from a resort or a hotel. We are fully committed to provide top of line services toward customer that's why we created two separate schedule for activities- the day outing plan includes adventure rides,water games, music games, traditional games, indoor-outdoor games, music party and some get together functions. While the night outing schedule includes indoor-outdoor games, music party, camping, get-together in front of bonfire and some complementary games and rides.With these things are clearly sure that you will be amazed from your first day.




We believe that everyone expect a private space either it is for dayouting or nightouting. That's where we lead because we as we come with a separate space either it is for dayouting or nightouting with fully security so that you do not get disturbed during this trip and you enjoy these precious days comfortably.

Resorts in Bangalore for Family



Clean environment-


Nowadays tourist expects a clean and hygienic environment from where they are staying, so to ensure you we at wildvalley offers you a fully clean environment, food which is cooked under hygienic process and dirt free environment. So that you do not have to worry about health.


Why you should Choose Wild Valley?


With above points we are sure that now you know what you should expect from outing and what will be the services we will get.We are sure that once you visited at wildvalley we ensure you that our services,plans ,food and activities will match the quality as per your expectation. So if Bangalore is the city that you planning for trip we might be the best option for you.