Treat Type 2 Diabetes with Glycomet GP1.

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Type 2 diabetes typically is seen in your midlife years and is the main cause of cases of diabetes. The disease occurs when your pancreas does not make enough insulin, or your cells begin to become insulin resistant.

Nowadays millions of people across the globe suffer from prediabetes and diabetes. Patients with diabetes are also at an increased chance of suffering from kidney and heart disease. However, the Glycomet GP1 treatments are able to manage diabetes and avoid grave complications. Prabhdeep Singh MD, FACP, an experienced internal medicine doctor is a top provider of El Centro diabetes treatment and diagnosis at his clinic located in El Centro, CA. The doctor has years of experience in diagnosing and managing various forms of diabetes. If you have any questions about your blood sugar levels make an appointment by phone or on the internet today.

What Exactly is Diabetes?

This condition hinders your body's ability to regulate the blood sugar levels. This can be due to an insulin resistance issue or insufficient production. If your pancreas isn't producing enough insulin, or the cells in your body are resistant to insulin and the glucose levels rise in your blood and can be fatal that is why it is known as diabetes. This increases the chance of developing other serious health issues, like heart disease as well as permanent nerve damage and loss of vision.

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What Are the Common Diabetes Symptoms?

The signs of diabetes are different among different individuals based on the degree to which the blood sugar levels are. The most common signs are:



Wounds that heal slowly

Inexplicable weight loss

Blurry vision

More thirst

Frequent urination

Patients with diabetes are susceptible to experiencing intense thirst, skin infections, or gum disease.

What Are the Different Types of Diabetes?

It is a chronic disease and can occur in a variety of forms. The most common kinds of diabetes include:


Prediabetes is when your blood sugar levels go up a little. If you are suffering from prediabetes it's often an indication that you are likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

It is a form of diabetes where your body is suffering from an auto-immune condition. The body fights against its own beta cells which are responsible to produce insulin, which results in the insufficiency of insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes typically is seen in your midlife years and is the main cause of cases of diabetes. The disease occurs when your pancreas does not make enough insulin, or your cells begin to become insulin resistant.

Gestational Diabetes

Like the name implies this condition affects pregnant women. It is a condition where the body of the woman who is pregnant produces extra hormones to protect the embryo. The hormones also create other cells in the body more insulin-resistant. Gestational diabetes disappears when the baby is born. baby.

What Should You Expect During Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment?

In your first appointment at Dr. Singh's clinic the doctor begins by performing an eye and physical examination. The doctor will also request that you undergo a glycated test of haemoglobin to assess your average blood sugar levels over the last two and three months. If your A1C value is 6.5 percent or greater on two tests, it means you suffer from diabetes. Treatment for diabetes and management begin with lifestyle and diet modifications. The doctor may suggest reducing consumption of simple carbohydrates as well as sweet foods and regular exercise. The doctor. Singh can also recommend oral medications or insulin depending on your health condition and be sure to monitor the progress you are making.

In the end, if you effectively manage your diabetes you will remain fit and healthy. Doctor. Singh is dedicated to helping you manage your diabetes and preventing the serious issues associated with the condition in El Centro, CA. For more information, call Dr. Singh by phone or schedule an appointment online now.