Power BI Training in Chennai – Why Power BI is a Revolutionary Business Intelligence Tool

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Power BI Training in Chennai – Why Power BI is a Revolutionary Business Intelligence Tool

Business intelligence (BI) is the technology that allows an organization to extract insights from data and information, whether it’s through business reporting, data mining and analytics, or predictive analytics. Business Intelligence has been around since the early 1960s, and today companies of all sizes use BI as part of their decision-making and problem-solving processes; however, recent technological advances in the BI space have resulted in one product that’s revolutionizing the industry. Power BI is already upending how companies are approaching their business intelligence practices, with many analysts predicting even more widespread adoption in the coming years.

Power BI can help you get more insights from your data

One of the main benefits of using Microsoft Power BI is that it helps you get more insights from your data. The software integrates with popular business intelligence tools like Excel, SQL Server, and Azure Analysis Services to let you create custom reports and dashboards. You can also combine data from various sources such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Google Analytics or Adobe Experience Manager to name just a few.

This makes it easy for you to analyze customer behaviour across channels and find out what marketing campaigns are working best for your company. Plus, with the new release of PerformancePoint Services (PPS) you can use PPS's interactive dashboards to explore trends and identify opportunities for improvement by drilling down into performance metrics by specific time intervals or data points.

Power BI is easy to use

Power BI has made it easy for anyone to use advanced analytics and visualization tools. Most of the features are interactive, meaning that you can use your mouse to hover over charts, graphs and other elements on the page to find out more about them. This interactivity makes it easy to explore data and quickly spot trends that would have taken much longer with static reports. With this software, it’s also possible for people who aren’t data experts or don’t have an IT background to analyze their own data without needing help from others.

Power BI is interactive

Using data visualization tools like Power BI has been proven to increase engagement and understanding for people when it comes to data. The tool enables you to see insights in real-time and how they affect your business. The tool also breaks down complex information into bite-sized chunks that are easy for anyone to understand, from CEOs to the C-suite.

Data visualization makes it easier for companies to identify their opportunities for growth and where they need improvement. It allows businesses to understand how well their processes are working and what tweaks need to be made, which ultimately leads them closer towards achieving their goals.

Power BI is mobile friendly

A lot of people think that mobile-friendly refers to the size of the display. But that's not what it means. Mobile-friendly also means how much time it takes for a page to load on your phone and how easy it is to interact with a page on your phone. With power BI, you'll be able to produce reports and dashboards that are mobile-friendly, so they'll be easy to interact with on any device!

The data visualization capabilities of power bi make it easy to produce reports and dashboards. You can also share these documents across many devices and platforms, including your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. Plus, with power bi's mobile app, you can even access and interact with your data while on the go! Now that's what we call mobile-friendly!

Power BI can be used for free

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to create their own small businesses. And what better way to do that than with the help of new technologies? One of these technologies that have been making waves lately is Power BI. This revolutionary business intelligence tool can easily help you get your ideas off the ground so you can start enjoying life as an entrepreneur.
One of the best things about this program is that it can be used for free by those who are just starting out. You only need to download and install it, and then you're good to go!
This program will allow you to create beautiful reports with just one click on your mouse or touch screen without having any knowledge of coding or design skills whatsoever.


Power BI is revolutionizing the way businesses approach their business intelligence. It gives them the power to tap into the hidden data that lies within their organization and use it to create innovative strategies. Power BI training in Chennai provides an opportunity for organizations to quickly get up to speed on this revolutionary platform and build new skill sets. The more skilled they are, the more value they can provide back to their company by creating actionable insights that help make informed decisions.