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Family Law Solicitor London - Our outstanding, affordable family and divorce law firm deals with all issues of divorce law and family law, including financial settlement and children.


Divorce or the breakdown of a relationship can be a highly charged, emotionally draining and stressful time. Financial issues, or arrangements in relation to children, can be complex. Inevitably, there will be a significant financial impact on both parties. There will be many questions that need answering, from the divorce process itself to issues relating to resolving the matrimonial finances and dealing with contact with the child(ren) of the family. As a family law firm in London, we recognise the importance of finding the right family law solicitor for you at such a time, be they based in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Sensitive, Understanding and Cost Aware

As a divorce law firm, our divorce and family law solicitor in London are sensitive to your needs and understand that your issues are unique to your set of circumstances. They are mindful that, whatever your situation, the legal costs of divorce can escalate. With many years’ experience advising a wide variety of clients, including high net worth individuals, our family law solicitors are able to negotiate favourable settlements, resolve disputes, and navigate through the complex and emotional process of drawing up child arrangements with unrivalled professionalism. Their reputation for achieving outstanding results, quickly and professionally, is second to none.


  • All aspects of divorce, civil partnerships and judicial separation, to include dealing with all financial issues following the breakdown of the relationship.
  • Pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.
  • Arrangements for children to include child arrangements orders, parental responsibility, prohibited steps orders and specific issue orders.
  • Mediation and non-confrontational dispute resolution.

Areas in Which We Can Assist You

Our family law firm in London has solicitors based not only in the City but also throughout England and Wales, who are ready to provide you with independent legal advice be it face to face, by telephone, online or via remote methods in the following areas: –

Divorce and Finances

As a divorce law firm in London, we understand that whether you are contemplating divorce or are currently in divorce proceedings this is an incredibly stressful and worrying time in your life. Although the introduction of the no-fault divorce in the UK on the 6th of April 2022, has assisted in reducing the previous acrimony in proceedings, you may still be faced with worries about finances and what will happen with the matrimonial assets. With many years of experience, our family experts (some of whom are also able to represent you in court) are here to navigate and support you through your divorce and provide you with outstanding legal advice to reach the best solution for you, in the circumstances of your case.

Cohabitation and Separation

It’s easy to presume that as you’re not getting married your assets are not at risk from any claims by your partner should you start living together. However, this is not necessarily the case, especially in circumstances where, for instance, your partner contributes to the mortgage over your property. Just like a pre-nuptial agreement when a couple gets married, it can be a good idea to take independent legal advice from a family law solicitor about the potential risks that may arise should you be considering taking this step, and the steps that can be taken (such as entering into a cohabitation agreement and Trust deed) to prevent these pitfalls.

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