As I said earlier, the only saving grace to the film is the extraordinary acting of the main leads. Vera Farmiga as the mother desperately trying to save her family is brilliant. Even as the orphan 2 film becomes more and more ridiculous, Farmiga's performance is believable. Peter Sarsgaard as husband, John, also does a fine job as the clueless dad but the real star of the film is young Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther. This kid has chops!

Whether she is called on to be angelic sweet or demonically evil, Fuhrman delivers in spades. She flawlessly changes her little miss innocent look to that of pure malevolence in the blink of an eye and may very well be the next Dakota Fanning.

To sum it up, Orphan is a tediously long, ludicrous, want to be clever horror film that is only worth watching for the strong performances of the lead actors. I shudder to think how scary Orphan would've been with a lesser cast.