What distinguishes land drilling from offshore oil drilling?

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What distinguishes land drilling from offshore oil drilling?

  1. Compared to continental oil, offshore oil has a distinct ratio of some chemical elements and a different makeup of organic materials.


  1. Extraction of conventional crude oil onshore is not too difficult. In contrast to land-based oil extraction, subsea crude oil extraction is a relatively complex operation that involves drilling, building platforms, laying pipelines, and other tasks.


One is how to erect the derrick stably above the water surface and withstand the attack of wind and waves.

The second is how to build a special wellhead device between the turntable and the seabed to isolate the seawater from the wellbore.

Third, there are fewer vertical wells and more inclined wells in offshore drilling, so there must be offshore drilling platforms that can ensure the normal operation of drilling rigs and other drilling equipment.


  1. Offshore drilling is expensive, costing 3 to 10 times as much as drilling on land.


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