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Make your way up to Humber Park from the town of Idyllwild. This is where you will park and find the trailhead. When starting the trail from Humber Park it will pass over Strawberry Creek, which may or not be running. Strawberry Creek is the same creek that is wandering all through town. The trail will then make its way around the foot of the casey anthony verdict San Jacinto wilderness, through many types of trees. You will be hiking through the Ponderosa, Cedar as well as plenty of Fir trees. During the spring the daffodils may show themselves bringing even more color to the meandering type of trail. It is impossible to miss the views of Idywild valley and even Hemet valley from here. Looking up to your right is another historic icon Suicide Rock. From this rock I'm told the Indian princess' would throw themselves to the Gods.

When you have completed the first half of the trail and are on your way back, there will be a great view of Taquitz Rock, know also as Lily Rock. From here you might even over hear a conversation of one of the many rock climbers that come from all over to challenge this awesome rock. I know you the family and the dog will completely enjoy this hike.