Historic place near me to visit

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The fun does not end here yet for you can continue your Cozumel vacation in visiting the carnival that happened every year and definitely a blast one. There are many tons of beautiful historic place costumes, great food and drinks, fantastic dancing together with expert dancers and mixed fun and there were brilliant floats for you to see. After this event have time to visit downtown which has very special loveliness all of its own. There is a newer diversified destination for vacation wherein it is a very spectacular place to visit.

Another place where there is enjoyment as you go along with your Cozumel vacation is the Parque Punta Sur to Punta Molas when you turn to the north side of the highway you can see the Punta Sur Park where you can find the ancient Mayan lighthouse inside the park and the El Caracol that was built to be of great use of a system called hurricane warning. There is also a historical lighthouse that was being transformed into a museum that is a navigational one. Also, do not leave the place without visiting Ixchel's Ceremonial Center for this is also a must seen place for its significant history.