Wrath of the Lich King Arcane Mage Guide

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If you've been playing World of Warcraft and are currently enjoying it, then you should know that there are a number of exciting new raids in the game. There's the Icecrown Citadel, the Obsidian Sanctum, and the Frostwyrm Lair.

When you're an arcane mage, there are several skills and talents you can use to enhance your game. These include items, spells, and talents. The key is to know how to properly utilize your abilities to make the most of your game.


Arcane Mages have a number of different spells. The main offensive ability is the Arcane Blast. However, you will need to keep track of your mana usage. In addition, you will also need to take into account the cooldowns on your abilities. Generally, you will need to cast at least four spells per turn. If you are having trouble, you can try using a Conjure Refreshment or a Potion of Speed. Using these before combat begins should improve your overall performance.

You should always have the Molten Armor active, because it increases your Critical Strike Rating. It also reduces the time you will spend casting your spells if you receive damage. You should also take a look at the Glyph of Ice Armor. It increases your casting speed by 20%.


In Wrath of the Lich King, the Arcane Mage is one of the most competitive DPS specs in the game. The spec is front loaded with burst-based mechanics. It can be used to great effect in short, high burst encounters. However, it also requires good mana management to keep consistent damage over longer fights.

The Arcane Mage has two talents that are the most important. These are Icy Veins and Arcane Power. Each provides a unique buff that enables you to crit more often. For the most part, the Arcane talent tree is not as competitive as the TBC. However, it is still fun to play. And it does have some nice features. Better is to click here or Visit Website to know about Classic Gold.

While the Arcane Talents and spells may not be as good as the ones in TBC, they do provide some interesting new options. One of the primary sources of damage is Arcane Missiles. Upon casting these, you'll receive a buff that lasts for 10 seconds.


Arcane Mages are not the most mana-hungry class in the game, but they still need to manage their mana in order to do as much damage as possible. You also need to ensure that your cooldowns are not overused.

To make sure that your mana is used efficiently, you can use Potions of Speed before starting a combat. It will increase your spell casting speed and give you a small amount of extra haste. Arcane Mages also benefit from the Molten Armor talent. This reduces the effects of Mana Drain on your spells. Moreover, Molten Armor converts your spirit to a critical strike rating. However, your critical strike rating is only beneficial when you have active Molten Armor.

As a result, you should always have active Molten Armor on you. Otherwise, you will be unable to cast your abilities for a few seconds.

PvE encounters

Arcane Mages are a great choice for players who are interested in a caster class. However, while they have great burst potential, they also need to be well-managed for optimal performance. They require a lot of mana management, but they do not need as much gear as other casters.

The main source of damage for Arcane Mages is Arcane Blast. In addition to this, the caster has a strong passive ability called Perception, which allows them to detect stealth classes in range and use a bonus to their damage. This trait is particularly powerful in PvP, as it can remove Fear, Sleep and Charm effects. Another main source of damage is Arcane Missiles. It is recommended to cast this spell after a Missile Barrage. If you do, you can then spend stacks of Arcane Blast.

Burning Legion vs other arcane mages

The Burning Legion is a group of demonic forces that live in World of Warcraft. During the cataclysm, the Legion was unleashed on Azeroth. They are the most fearsome warriors in the universe. The Burning Legion is made up of a number of subgroups. Man'ari Eredar, the classical demons, are the leaders of the group. However, lesser demons, such as the satyrs, are also aligned with the group.

In the past, the Well of Eternity was a source of arcane magic. It was used by the Highborne followers of Queen Azshara. However, the energy from the Well was disrupted. This cut off the ancient Night Elf empire's power source.

Eventually, the Well of Eternity was destroyed by the Burning Legion. As a result, the energies it produced were consumed by the Void. This caused a power shortfall for the Highborne.