The most popular game of the year: The Backrooms

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The Backrooms game, which is a scary video game with an endless maze of random office rooms.

Survival horror game the backrooms lets you explore different rooms, hallways, levels, and just about anything else you can think of. The game is based on a story that is told all over the Internet. Every room or level has its own set of monsters, entities, or both that are out to get you. You will need to remember what each level looks like in order to get through the maze without getting lost or hurt.

In this upcoming game, players will be herded into a room for reasons that aren't clear yet. The whole room is dominated by yellowish wallpaper that looks old, a wet carpet, and fluorescent lighting. The goal for the player is to keep moving forward so that he or she can find the exit within the time limit and win the game. Players have to move very carefully through the "maze beyond reality" because each room is made to look exactly the same and contains "things" that can't be named. Your nerves will be stressed out even more by the sounds you can't quite make out and the strange laughter you hear. If "it" finds you, there's nowhere to hide, so your only choice is to run away as fast as you can. Don't get caught!