How To Upgrade Your VHS Recordings To Digital

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There are many reasons to convert your old VHS to digital format. For one, digital is a more stable format than VHS, meaning your tapes are less likely to degrade over time. Additionally, digital files take up less space than VHS tapes, so you can easily store them on your computer.

The VHS to digital process is a great way to convert your old VHS tapes to a more modern format. This process can be done with a few simple steps. First, you will need to purchase a VHS digital converter. These can be found online or at many electronic stores. Once you have your converter, simply connect it to your computer via the USB port. Then, open the software that came with the converter and follow the prompts. The software will walk you through the rest of the process, which is fairly simple. After following these steps, you will be able to watch your old VHS tapes on your computer or any other digital device.

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