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A website Design adaptable to mobile devices is designed to change the size of the screen and adapt depending on the device your visitor uses.

A website Design adaptable to mobile devices is designed to change the size of the screen and adapt depending on the device your visitor uses. In fact, this type of web design has become a good practice of the web design Dubai industry, recommended by Google, which is found in millions of sites in the world. However, there is a big difference between a website that simply "adjusts" to different screen sizes and a website that really adapts and responds depending on the type of device that consults it.


Nowadays, it is common to find companies that invest in a web redesign and make a great advertising display highlighting the virtues of their new mobile friendly site, and yet, when visiting some of those sites, we have found that even though their screens are adjustable and scalable to different sizes, their websites do not respond to the characteristics of different mobile devices and their concept of adaptability is limited to the size of their screen. This is not enough, a true Web design Sharjah with an adaptive design (responsive website, in English Arabic) goes much further, then we present the five main characteristics of a website adaptable to different devices:


It is a fact that nobody likes to wait for a website to load, even more, when you are consulting from a mobile device with a connection less than ideal, in this case, the need for the site to load quickly is higher.

So how can you optimize web design performance? If you are starting from scratch as part of a redesign, we suggest assigning a budget for the performance of the same within your project. On the contrary, if you are working with an existing web design Dubai, the first step is to measure the performance of your website to know where it is located. Once you have this information, you can begin to make the necessary changes to improve the loading speed.

A good starting point is probably with the images of your website design Dubai. Very large images are the main culprits of slow loading, therefore, optimizing your images can really help your site from the performance point of view.

The reality is that an optimized web design that loads quickly are beneficial for every visitor, indeed, nobody has complained about a site because it loads very fast; On the contrary, if the website takes a long time to load, it will definitely keep people away so their screens adjust to whatever size it is.


When you have a large screen, the content can be distributed in many ways and can include important messages and images, news updates, event information and all the navigation options on the site you want, all in one screen. This makes it easier for the visitor to "scan" the content of the entire page and find what is relevant to it.

The above changes drastically when that same design must be adapted to a small device such as a cell phone. In this case you should work with a fraction of what you had before, this means that you will have to decide what information appears first, what later and so on.

Instead of presenting everything all at once, you will have the space to show one or two elements at a time (and one of them will probably be navigation). Therefore, one of the decisions you will have to make is the hierarchy of the contents. Unfortunately, what usually determines the order of these elements is the way in which the page itself is encoded. It is easier, when designed with the aim of having an adaptable website, that what is first in the code is displayed first on the screen, followed by what is in the second code and so on. Unfortunately, what may be more important in one device may not be the same in another.

Improvements in CSS design techniques (including CSS Grid Layout, Flexbox and others), allow Website Maintenance Dubai to have greater options when it comes to designing content intelligently, instead of complicating the order Exactly the content areas in the HTML code.

Taking advantage of these new web design techniques, will be even more important as device screens and user needs continue to evolve.


From the point of view of the devices, each one has strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in its platform. A truly adaptable website understands these capabilities and limitations and takes advantage of them to provide personalized experiences to users, which adapt to the device they are using when they visit the site.


For example, a cell phone has certain characteristics that a traditional personal computer does not have, such as its GPS (although it is true that in a PC the general location can be obtained, in a cell phone the GPS is much more accurate). Your website could take advantage of GPS information to send special offers to a person, based on where you are physically at the time.

Truly customizable web design Dubai offer an entire experience to their users and work to improve it more and more, based not only on the type of device or the size of its screen, but also on other important aspects of its hardware.


Continuing with the example of the previous point, to consider the strengths and weaknesses of a device, you can also take into account other important variables such as the date and time to really provide a personalized experience to your visitor.

For example, imagine a web design Dubai for a large event at an international fair. In addition to thinking about the scales of the different sizes of screens, you could take into account the date and location to determine the information to be provided. If someone visits the website before the event, you can first present the registration information, but if you consult it when the event is already happening, it could be more relevant to present the schedules and schedules available. Even taking a step further, you could take advantage of the GPS device to determine if the visitor is inside the fair and could present interactive content based on your location and schedule, showing the sessions and activities that are about to begin.


Another key point of a truly adaptable site is that it actually responds to the needs of its users in terms of accessibility. Web design Dubai should be able to be used by as many people as possible, including those with a disability. Your site should be able to be consulted by someone who needs a screen reader or any other software or device assisted. In this way, your website responds to your needs because you have ensured that the experience, although it is different for visitors with disabilities, is still adequate.

In conclusion, the better your website responds to the aspects presented here (and not just the size of the screen), it can be more than friendly to mobile devices and can offer a truly adaptable experience in every sense of the word.

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