Preparatory children’s education

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Preparatory children’s education

Preparatory children’s education. Children must be taken care of and fed in the preparatory stage, like plants in the garden. The age of enrollment in pre-kindergarten education varies in different countries. In most countries, this system is applied to children under the age of six, specifically between the ages of 3-5 years. Pre-kindergarten education Introducing the child to a wider society than he is accustomed to and providing him with the skills of mixing and teaching the child through play, and we will learn in this article about the methods of teaching sound preparatory children.

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– While teaching children, the teacher must rely on teaching by dividing the information, so that the child receives the information easily, so that the assimilation is greater.
Education through competition, making children feel competitive is one of the effective study methods, and the goal is usually to push children to think of further ways to solve the problem, and the teacher can create different ways for children to compete, and then the child receives information while playing And he competes with his friends.
Asking questions to children provides the teacher with the ability to identify the main areas that constitute any

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problem for students, and from this point the teacher begins to identify the help that his students need and thus helps them according to their capabilities.

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