Rock FM is not a rock station

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However, it does broadcast rock music and other forms of pop music

In addition to its mainstream hits, it also provides some local content. This includes news and sports updates. Rock FM also runs contests to give its listeners a chance to win prizes.

In addition to its mainstay music programs, Rock FM also features an online radio portal, which provides users with a variety of ways to listen to the station. Some of the features include streaming music, a directory of shows, official apps, and more. In addition, the station has an official Cash Register that offers listeners a chance to win prizes.

Rock FM's daily schedule also includes some of the best programming from the Hits Radio Network. It includes The Rock 2000, which is the best way to countdown the top 30 hits of the year.

The station also runs a slew of competitions, including a daily prize wheel. Other notable programs include the rock nights, the rock and roll deejays, and the rock and roll obelisks. Moreover, the station offers free online radio. Its website also contains a listing of its most popular shows and their titles. Moreover, it provides a number of other features, including a directory of shows, competitions, and an interactive map. In addition, the station boasts one of the most comprehensive mobile apps.

The station's most prestigious awards are the RTFM Awards, which honor the best rock and pop music stations of the year.