Ignore and don't want to marry

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Ignore and don't want to marryIgnore and don't want to marryIgnore and don't want to marry

Qiaoqiao who was held in his arms and could not move angrily reached out and pinched Lu Ze's waist As a result Lu Ze was not afraid of pain at all He put a low smile in her ear and responded to her "You can pinch wherever you like" The deep and sexy coda is slightly raised and slightly provocative Jojo could feel his ears burning and his forehead against his shoulder socket could feel his chest shaking slightly with a smile In the past two days he kissed and hugged holding hands and hugging his waist Qiaoqiao admitted that he had been shaken for a long time He was distressed and soft-hearted At the moment he blushed and had a heartbeat in his arms He couldn't help but want to encircle his waist So Qiaoqiao herself felt that she was too pretentious but she still had some bottom line and didn't want to give in If you don't make it clear before you fall in love you will delay others "Lu Ze I really don't want to get married and I don't intend to get married" said a sullen voice from the head in Lu Ze's shoulder socket "I know" Lu Ze rubbed the top of her head Jojo put his forehead against his shoulder and continued "Lu Ze I really don't want to have children either" It's not about who it's not about age I just don't want to carry another person's life Once a child is born it's a lifetime thing just like an asset that must be held for life even if there is any risk it can't stop the loss I am very firm I don't want it all my life and I won't change because of who the other person is Lu Ze promised her seriously "Good" Qiaoqiao has the last Packaging Printing premise she said seriously "Lu Ze I can't give any promises and I don't want any promises" I can only try you just try if one day we find that we are not suitable if one day you want to end this relationship you must be the first to tell me the first time to tell me Lu Ze loosened the hand that held her tightly in his arms gently but forcefully held Qiaoqiao's shoulder bent down to look at her his forehead against her forehead and looked at her intently and earnestly His dark eyes were like a sea of stars and deep as if they were sprinkled with tiny stars shining with the light of love Jojo! Jojo! Lu Ze opened his mouth and called her name softly His voice seemed to have an expression and contained thousands of words He promised her earnestly "I don't want any of your promises" But I can give you any promise If you don't want to get married you don't want to have children If one day you go back on your word if you want to get married and have children I will promise you everything I don't just want to have a try with you I like you I love you and I'm not tired of it and I don't want to end it I know you don't believe in everlasting love but I have a lifetime to accompany you slowly I just need you to give me a chance to be with you Jojo could not help but stretch out his hands tightly around Lu Ze's waist and bury his head in his shoulders Having a warm embrace to accompany her China Factory in fact does not hinder her determination and desire to continue to work and live well so it is not impossible for her to try Lu Ze felt her active embrace and hugged her tightly with his backhand as if to embed her in his chest repeating her name in a low voice over her head "Jojo Jojo" he rubbed Jojo's hair "I'll take that as a promise" Jojo's voice came out of his arms with a little nasal voice "Take your clothes your computer and your things back to your house and I'll say yes" Lu Ze thought he had only heard the second half of the sentence and most of his head was in his arms showing only a small half of his face His fingertips gently stroked the small half of Jojo's exposed side face and when he bowed his head and spoke his warm thin lips pressed against Jojo's ear and said in a low voice "I heard you you promised" Unfortunately whether it was affectionate or shameless Qiaoqiao resolutely refused to give in She loosened her arms around Lu Ze and covered his hot ears instead She was only willing to take a small step to try to fall in love at a time "Don't stay in my house Move back and promise you" Chapter 35 the sour smell of love Chapter 35 the sour smell of love "Make sure you stay in the second bedroom and don't go anywhere" Lu Ze hugged Qiao Qiao and promised in a low voice No absolutely not With his hands over his ears Jojo firmly disagreed "I can also accept sleeping on the floor in the living room and it's not impossible to sleep on the balcony" Change to Lu Ze's dying struggle I won't promise you like this! Jojo continued to cover his ears and hold the bottom line firmly As soon as Business Travel Services the killer's mace came out Lu Ze gave up and said regretfully "Then you'd better promise me" The way Qiaoqiao covered her ears firmly in his arms was really lovely Lu Ze did not reach out to open them He decided to let her ears go He bowed his head and kissed her directly He exercised the right to formally upgrade his boyfriend and made up for the regret that he had to live in his own home Last time it was just a simple kiss This time he kissed Jojo's soft lips gently He knew that Jojo didn't like strong and aggressive movements and gestures He tasted them over and over again and stopped sucking her lips His movements were restrained gentle and patient Qiaoqiao did not retreat she promised to try to fall in love with Lu Ze is promised no longer evasive no longer you chase me ambiguous Jojo slowly loosened his hand covering his ears and encircled Lu Ze's neck Feeling that Qiaoqiao did not refuse Lu Zecai kissed deeply and their breathing was closely intertwined until he felt that Qiaoqiao was slightly out of breath Lu Zecai reluctantly released her but still bowed his head and pecked her lips twice Qiaoqiao leaned on Lu Ze's shoulder to breathe fresh air After breathing he asked him "When will you go back" Lu Ze helplessly looked at Qiao Qiao slightly curved eyes inside the misty waves looking around but just after the kiss asked him when to go! Lowering his head and gently kissing her ear Lu Ze whispered in Jojo's ear "Cruel" With a smile in her eyes Qiaoqiao replied "Because the important things have to be said first" Lu Ze hugged her and asked "What time do you go to bed" "Eleven o'clock I'm trying to go to bed early and get up early" "Well I'll leave at eleven" Lu Ze replied feeling that Qiaoqiao had pinched his waist again and changed his tune "That's half past ten" 。