What is african hair braiding?

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Learn more about this type of hair braiding style.

African hair braiding has been a very popular hair braiding style. 

One of the more traditional types that most people are familar with is Cornrows. 

According to shilpaahuja, "

Hair twists are popular with Afro-textured hair. Of course, they’re African women’s traditional hair braiding styles! The African hair braids can express one’s religion, kinship, status, age, ethnicity, and other attributes of identity. Now that makes them really special. Doesn’t it?! However, after digging into the history of African hair braiding, I got to know that Africans were made to shave their heads when captured by the white men.

To re-establish their culture, the slaves would often braid their hair, which became synonymous with their identity. However, in the modern age, this is not appreciated and the Africans are bullied and demeaned for their hairstyles. And it was and still is (at a few places) considered unprofessional to wear the African hair braiding styles at the workplace. We’re guessing the elite society still loves straightened hair more on African American women.

As high fashion evolved, native African braiding styles got popular on the runways, especially of American fashion designers and style icons like Beyonce and Rihanna made them a fashion statement. This led to women of all ethnicities want to emulate these hairstyles.


There are a lot of different types of african braids that can be done to meet your needs. As you can see that this type of braiding style has a lot of history to it and it is slowly being adapted by all cutlures and not just african americans.