Xinyu Wire Advantages: What's the Benefits of Copper Winding Wire

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Xinyu Wire Advantages: What's the Benefits of Copper Winding Wire

Copper displays low levels of creep. Under the extreme loading and temperature conditions of distribution transformer windings, creep rates of aluminium can be up to 25 times higher than for copper. This results in aluminium wound distribution transformers having a higher propensity to failure than copper wound ones.

enameled rectangular copper Wire terminations are less prone to failure than aluminium wire terminations. A key reason for this is the different behavior of their oxides. Copper oxide is soft, electrically conductive, and breaks down easily. Aluminium oxide is strongly attached, hard to dislodge and electrically insulating. It also prevents non-mechanical connections such as soldering, which is only possible after applying a layer of tin, copper, or nickel.

Advantage of copper winding wire in Electrical Industry

Installation and working process is simple in case of copper winding wire. It is simple and hassle-free. However fibre optic cable are exist in the industry, copper winding wire still holds its name so popular because of its cost, durability and ductile.

Copper is a strong durable metal that bent to suit any buyer needs and requirements. Copper winding wire is high resistance to corrosion.

Copper is so compatible. Copper winding wire is widely popular, as it works easily with other metals.

Copper is very strong in nature and has high tensile strength. Copper winding wires are used in the telecom industry for the transmission of signals over a long distance. It helps to reduce the loss of electrical energy over a long distance.

Copper winding wire is mainly used in the marine industry where all the equipment are exposed to moisture. As there is excess humidity in the air may experience frequent break down of metals. Copper, however, acts as a resistant from rusting for underwater equipment and marine applications.

Benefits of using Copper winding wire

As copper is the good conductor of heat and electricity, copper winding wires are widely used in transformers. Copper winding wire is also used in the formation of small transformers that are used for electronic devices such as computer, TV, refrigerator, and stabilizers.

Copper winding wires are widely used in electrical, electronics, mechanical, and marine industry for various purposes. It is a good conductor of heat and superconductor with zero resistivity.

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