Fragrant Life of Flowers (School)

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Dressed in snow-white sword clothes wearing a mighty face protector and holding a shining long sword Yu Xiyin gaped

Dressed in snow-white sword clothes wearing a mighty face protector and holding a shining long sword Yu Xiyin gaped at the wonderful duel between the two men on the field Sometimes he was calm and relaxed and stopped at Yuezhi He responded to all changes with no change and won with no move Sometimes he moved like a rabbit as fast as an arrow from the bow and won a victory thousands of miles away with a flash of cold light The duel between Kaifei and Fang Yang gradually attracted the attention of the fencers around them Although they were Paper Chemicals all amateurs they could still see the level of the two men Both men react very quickly As one-on-one hand-to-hand combat fencing requires constant observation constant thinking and quick reaction to defeat the enemy Fencing also requires the fencer's calm character and clear thinking and to predict the other side's sword path in fact fencing is two people through the hands of the sword in the ideological confrontation Watching one of them use his good flexibility more than the other's agile reaction speed constantly approaching the other side after hitting the other side quickly step back to open the distance between the two sides and quickly react to raise his sword to block the other's attack sideways to avoid and take this opportunity to attack again everyone burst into applause Fencing ended with Fang Yang's tragic defeat but he did not lose too much face because after watching the two men fencing some people around them enthusiastically invited them to practice Fang Yang unceremoniously vented his resentment of losing to Kaifei on others after all others are more amateur than him! Yu Xiyin is like a happy little butterfly pestering Lin Kaifei after washing "Sister Kaifei you are so awesome I also want to learn fencing!" "Yes!"! Then come on! Kaifei patted Xiyin on the head Xiyin was only two years younger than her but her experience was much worse Now she is only in the third year of junior high school and she looks very small! Talking to her is like talking to Ling Ling coaxing a child! The rectification of the hotel was carried out as scheduled Lanci and Kaifei were shouldering the heavy responsibility of rectification Kaiyun was too busy to go to Zhongguancun to investigate these days Of course Lele was caught as a coolie by the way Now Wang Le is the one who knows Zhongguancun best At the same time Kaifei learned about the recent situation of the two aunts in Hebei My uncle lost money in business a few years ago He was afraid and dared not touch business again Once bitten twice shy Such a conservative character is a pity! My uncle has taken them to Beijing to work and it is good to see more of the world! Uncle is good his character is not idle in the past few months in Beijing has also made some achievements using some experience accumulated in the past he founded a'Red Ant 'logistics company Delivering goods to the door helping the widowed elderly to buy some heavy goods selling labor listening to my uncle said that at the beginning several workers did not know how to protect some valuables Damaged valuables twice my uncle paid nearly thirty thousand yuan Had to train the staff and gathered some staff who had worked in the supermarket finally understand what things should be moved but also learn the basic electrical installation China Chemicals Suppliers courtesy to the guests As for the latter points Kaifei guessed that it was his brother's idea As for the people brought out from my uncle in Hebei they are basically working as coolies under my uncle It seems that they are very satisfied with their meaning and lack of technical content! Kaifei looked at his uncle thinking hard all day and thought it was funny Listening to his brother's meaning his uncle seemed to want to do online shopping similar to that in the United States Unfortunately now his uncle has no resources no enough funds no enough technology and no connections He doesn't know what to do This may be the problem for ordinary people to start a business! After thinking a lot Kaifei sometimes felt that she and her brother were actually very lucky They suddenly had money and their connections were also unexpected gains Now the business hotel has actually occupied a place in Beijing It's not easy Counting the time after a few days here things can finally put down it's time to go back I miss my family ah! "Big Brother what's the matter with me" Kaifei was a little surprised to look at his cousin knowing that he was working in Beijing but not too much contact this time back and only met him once it can be seen that the cousin seems to want to say something to himself He gave his cousin Pesticide Intermediates a glass of pure water and watched him sit on the sofa a little restlessly so that Kaifei had a chance to look at his blood relatives carefully The last time I saw him was three years ago At that time my family went to Hebei for the Spring Festival At that time the 23-year-old elder brother looked like a man in his 30s Now I haven't seen him for three years and he seems to be older Compared with the more and more handsome elder brother they are more than the difference between clouds and mud "Kaifei I have something to ask you!" Jay looked a little embarrassed but his own affairs are very clear this sister is very capable! "Say Big Brother what's the matter" "Your sister-in-law also wants to come to Beijing to work You see we live in dormitories over there which is not very suitable Can you let your sister-in-law squeeze here and live with them" "Oh it's no problem Let my sister-in-law live here Where does my eldest brother live now Would you like to come and live together" I thought it was a big deal but it was just a simple task for Kaifei and it was also generous at the expense of others! This house is just for them to come back for a short stay After all they are abroad all the year round! Now more brothers sometimes live directly in the hotel on the one hand convenient on the other hand close to the hotel service Kaifei likes to chat with her sister and brother which is often the nest But now that sister-in-law has lived here perhaps she will come here less in the future! Think a little more far-reaching more likely this house will belong to the eldest brother in the future this little trick Kaifei will not care for her family she has always been more generous Let the eldest brother arrange his wife to move in without any difficulties which is good at least they will come to Beijing more actively in the future! "What is Big Brother doing now" Kaifei asked casually but she was not very clear about the situation of the aunt's family