Princess of the nether world

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If I could, I would prefer that our lives never had any intersection, so that he would not suffer so much for me. From the beginning to the end,

If I could, I would prefer that our lives never had any intersection, so that he would not suffer so much for me. From the beginning to the end, I was just a burden on his life, and an incompetent burden. Never leave, but will only make trouble for him, never able to share anything for him. I asked him, "Brother Jiu, I am not a normal child at all. Have you ever thought about leaving me and running away?" Perhaps he never thought I would ask such a question. He was stunned at first, then touched my head and said, "I didn't think about it.". My duty is always to be by Saloo's side and take good care of her. There are maple leaves falling overhead, there are birds flying south in the sky, he smiled in the wind, like telling an immortal oath. Autumn is coming, the maple leaves are red all over the mountains and plains, and I think of our motherland, the maple tree walkway we walked together. This time, there is no sadness, only missing and touching. Is what brother Jiu said true? Liar is paparazzi. "Well, it's the paparazzi." With that, he picked me up and put me in the closest position to his heart, "Brother Jiu will always guard the road, unless I can no longer protect you.." I held his neck tightly and tried to absorb the warmth from his body. If someone asks me what my greatest wish is in my life, I will say that I want to be with him forever. All the way north, in a twinkling of an eye, the motherland has been left far behind by us. Verse 68: Legend of the Undead (5) Came to Liuli City,Self-closing Faucet, a lot of things happened, I never thought, here is the fork in our fate. And Qinghe, we know her here, is the woman who later became the queen of Nanluo. She plays a wonderful harp and makes a living by singing in a restaurant. Although fallen into the dust, but like a white lotus out of the mud but not dyed, what comes into view is her beautiful figure, not half seductive. The reason why I know her is that brother Jiu was injured. We stayed in a humble hotel. Brother Jiu went out to help me find food. When he came back, he was seriously injured and appeared in front of me with the help of Qinghe. Although he looked cold and did not cry out the word of pain once,Flush Retrofit Kit, the blood soaked his robe, and the severity can be imagined. If there is no Qinghe, I doubt whether he can come back in the end. Brother Jiu, how could this happen?! As soon as they came in, I ran over and looked at the blood all over his body, which made me panic. He wanted to stop bleeding and bandage him, but finally he found that he could not do anything. Before I could figure out why, Qinghe had already torn off his clothes to stop bleeding and do the most basic dressing for him. That kind of skilled and calm appearance, I can never learn, can only stand aside envious, jealous. Suddenly, I found that I would never be qualified to be a person who went through life and death with Brother Jiu. Frustration came to my heart, and I was so depressed that tears fell down. Qinghe not only knows how to stop bleeding and bandage, but also knows medicine. This time seriously injured, nine elder brother coma for a long time, if not for her, afraid is ominous. I stayed by the bed, not daring to go away or sleep for a moment. In order to better heal our wounds, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,stainless steel squatting pan, we moved to Mingyueju, where Qinghe lived, which was not luxurious but extremely quiet and elegant. I don't know how the two of them met, but her calm and calmness told me that I should trust her. Brother Jiu woke up three days later. Finally, I smiled through tears and held him in my arms and called him Brother Jiu. "Silly girl, Brother Jiu is all right. Don't be so nervous." He smiled, but his face was very pale because he had not recovered. Then he said to Qinghe, "Thank you." The clear lotus stands in the backlight, the sunlight on her body outlined the faint golden edge, the clear and soft smile on her face: "You're welcome, this is my mission." Their eyes meet together, quietly, but with dark feelings. I suddenly felt that I was transparent and isolated from their world. This makes my heart, instantly missing a corner. After the injury, nine elder brother changed a lot, often a person standing by the window to meditate. I didn't ask why he was hurt and who he was hurt by, nor did he say. I felt that something important must have happened that day, but I had no way of knowing. Every day, he would talk to Qinghe, but he didn't pay much attention to me. Let me be like a wayward child, following him around every day. I do not know when, I have become a superfluous follower. After the wound was better, he would go to the restaurant every evening to pick up Qinghe, carry her harp on his back, and walk slowly on his way home. The scene, with warm golden color, was really beautiful. So beautiful that I can't bear to get involved in their world, I can only watch from a distance, then squat down, holding my arms and crying sadly. Between me and nine elder brothers, there has been a gap that can not be filled. They walked into happiness, but I was blocked outside the door of happiness. I stood on tiptoe and looked around, but I still couldn't find the entrance. As soon as they came back, they sat in the yard and played chess. Nine elder brother holding sunspot, clear lotus holding white, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner. He was always good at chess, but at the last moment, he let her press forward and almost lost the whole army. You have a lot on your mind, and your mind is not here at all. He smiled faintly when the white piece he was holding in his finger fell. He was still thinking, and it took him a long time to say, "I don't understand a lot of things." Qinghe raised the corners of his mouth, dropped another son, and then said: "You are already unable to protect yourself. If you carry other things on your back, you will only harm others and yourself, and lose to nothing." His hand stayed in the air, his eyes stared at her without blinking, and finally, he dropped the chess piece. For him, this is not a chess piece, but a big stone in his heart. After calming down, he finally won. It's not that Qinghe's skill is not good enough, but that every step he takes becomes very firm. The sky was overcast and everywhere was covered with gray. Early in the morning, nine elder brothers called me up. I was so happy that I thought he would finally talk to me, but unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his mouth, he said,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, "You go, go far away, and don't let me see you again." 。