Path of Exile Ultimatum skills and changes in their balance

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At least, the new skills in Ultimatum are really great. They are all related to blood, such as Exsanguinate or the new petrochemical defense layer.

Grinding Gear Games doesn't care about skills that are rarely used. But it always states that interaction with interesting skills is not allowed. Even in the middle of the alliance, they brought the most popular POE Currency into the alliance, but did not tell anyone to see it in the middle of the alliance. As a person who is willing to take time to make the non-diffusion structure satisfactory as the technology becomes more and more obsolete, I feel that my options are getting less and less. The main responsibility of Var and my main responsibility is to successfully use Var Ground Through.

At least, the new skills in Ultimatum  are really great. They are all related to blood, such as Exsanguinate or the new petrochemical defense layer. Reap looks terrible, and can use Corrupted Blood to damage enemies through Corruption Fever. After many people died of Corrupted Blood in the past, he is definitely a demon. For me, the main attraction of Path of Exile has always been to find and use weird, weird items and skills to interact, and this situation has not changed. Note that if you don’t fully understand many of the mechanics in Path of Exile, the next paragraph will be meaningless.

This alliance uses Facebreakers and therefore has no weapons. But actually the interesting interaction comes from the new shield introduced by this alliance, called Mahuxotl's machining. This adds six cornerstones to my character. These cornerstones are combined with energy shields and water of life, and POE Chaos Orb for the real explanation.

However, using the ridiculous Death Pride gem, I can use the Fire Quenching trapezoid gem, which will cause 50% of my cold and lightning damage to be fired. If you remember, my resistance It's 75%. Therefore, I can fully concentrate on the chaos resistance of the equipment, and due to the eternal sacrifice passive on the shield, when my energy shield (which naturally decreases but is eroded by impact) reaches its maximum value, the chaos resistance temporarily increases 5%. In order to achieve this goal on demand, I combined the sorrow of the sacred bottle with the forbidden taste bottle to maximize my life and energy shield at the same time.