Delhi Escort says clients ready to sleep but won’t marry her

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Hi. I am Dimple, a beautiful girl working as an escort in Delhi.

Hi. I am Dimple, a beautiful girl working as an escort in Delhi. I am happy with my earnings and the number of hours I need to put into this profession. I started as an escort at the age of 21, and after seven years, I find myself standing at crossroads, not knowing when I will be able to settle down in my life. It was all rosy for the first few years. 

I enjoyed living alone. But after seven years, I badly need a companion with whom I can share my feelings. I realize it is difficult to find a man who will welcome me with open arms, knowing my history. 

For a man who craves sexual pleasure or needs to get away from a quarreling spouse, there is nothing better than the romantic company of a beautiful and sexy young lady. All my clients shower their love on me as long as I am obeying their commands. Mind you; I am not a robot with an on-and-off switch. 

Like other Delhi escorts, I try to be as professional as possible. But I have feelings, and I feel attracted to some men. I have found that most clients run away whenever I talk about love and my wish to marry.

The reason men become fearful when an escort brings up the topic of marriage is simple and easy to understand. Most of my clients are married and cannot imagine divorcing their wives. They express their desire to live happily with me, but they also fear they will lose their reputation as a respected member of society. 

Leave alone marriage, they try to avoid being seen in my company in public places. It is a hard truth that I have learned after working as a Delhi escort for so many years. 

I have realized that clients are only interested in my beauty, body, and sex appeal. They give a damn about my emotions. I am used to hearing phrases such as I love you so much, and I cannot live without you. The same clients become upset when I say I love them and want to marry them. It is not that I have not tried to develop emotional bonding with some of my customers. Clients show they are also interested in me as a partner, but their feelings fizzle down soon after a steamy sex session with me. 

I have talked to other Delhi escorts. They also feel their clients use them like sex dolls and do not care about their emotions. They say their customers are ready to leave as soon as they have got what they want. 

I have tried to make boyfriends. But my reputation reaches the families of these boys even before I have a chance to meet them. Boys are not interested in introducing me to their family members as their girlfriends. I guess I will have to learn to live with this life reality. I have to make compromises in life and forget about living as a mature housewife