Is reading reviews on scam brokers important?

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Is reading reviews on scam brokers important?

If you want to read reviews on the most known scam cases and brokers, it is great ides. As this will help you to better understand all features of scam schemes and learn how to identify scam broker before all you money will dissolve in the air. 

Forex trading is not a scam if you use the right brokers and avoid the bad applesForeign currency trading in itself is a legitimate business.

Be aware of the risk involved with any forex trade, as every trade involves some level of risk even if done with a trustworthy broker. However, some less reputable brokers have unfavorable execution conditions for forex trading, meaning that your returns could be less or your losses higher at these brokers than what you’d get at a trustworthy provider. In extreme cases, they might close your positions in volatile markets by triggering a stop loss. 

For this not to happen you really have to read more about fraudsters, and especially I recommend you to read here about Kiplar scam and also other known scam brokers.