World of Warcraft will not be released at the same time as Burning Crusade Classic

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Those players who want to make full use of the modern and classic time can all be relieved.

In World of Warcraft, players will spend their World of Warcraft Classic Gold time between classic and modern. The development team will make the wrong development line for the next content release. Blizzard will now try to resist players' choices.

Ion Hazzikostas, as the director of World of Warcraft, had a conversation with LingHunFuSu, the liaison of the Chinese community. They explained some of the difficulties in arranging these two versions. They hope to do their best to do their best.

In terms of testing, each test has specific requirements. These Cheap WOW Classic Gold requirements will affect the time for PTR or Beta to go online, and players need to choose the release window. We all hope that there will be no conflict between the two, because some players just like to play World of Warcraft classic, while others just like to play Shadowlands. In order to avoid conflict with another group and to ensure that each game has its own breathing time and space, so we do not want to punish a group.

Recently, the overlap of "Chain of Domination 9.1" in the field of public testing is a concern. Only a few weeks ago, the beta version of The Burning Crusade Classic was released. Those players who want to make full use of the modern and classic time can all be relieved.

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