Picking Your Main Role in League of Legends

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The first thing you should do to try and narrow down the pool is to decide what your desired role is in a game. This can mean two things. It can first off refer to the lane you're playing. Do you want

Whether you’re completing your first placements ever or a veteran back on the grind, it’s important to know your main role in order to climb to the best of your ability. This article aims to help players understand how and why to choose a main role.You can Buy LoL Account from safe shop first.

Decied What You Want Your Role tob

The first thing you should do to try and narrow down the pool is to decide what your desired role is in a game. This can mean two things. It can first off refer to the lane you're playing. Do you want to live on the top lane island? Maybe roam the map, picking your enemies off as a jungle? Or perhaps an ADC that the team can rely on to pump out the DPS? For those who are new, understanding that each position has certain champions played in them is key. So, figuring out your favorite position is a decent start.

However, if you'd prefer to change up positions once in a while, or haven't locked one down, you can think of it another way. What do you want your job to be on a team? Tank, fighter, marksman, assassin, mage, and enchanters are the most common, easy-to-understand archetypes. There are a ton of champions that fit each of these roles, so figuring out which one suits you best is a good start.

After you settle on one of these options, it narrows 150+ champions down to a couple of dozen. Then the following steps make it quite easy. But, if you haven't settled on one of these yet, they'll still have merit and can bring you to the perfect main.


The players in the top League of Legends positions generally choose strong champions, who have enough life and can eventually help his team roll.

Some champions we can highlight in this role are Darius, Garen, Illaoi and Gnar. All have large amounts of life and can take and sustain damage throughout the game. From the different roles in League of Legends, the Top is the most versatile as it allows you to do some solo-play in the early game and then work as a backup if other lanes need you.


The support is the companion of the ADC and the subsequent help of the whole team. He is in charge of having vision all over the field and protecting his teammates throughout the game. Some good champions are Soraka, Braum, Taric, or Leona because of their crowd control skills in handling heavy situations.


A jungler is a champion that can successfully clear jungle camps, generate treating presence on the map, and fight the enemy’s jungler. To successfully fulfill all these requirements, it’s better to choose someone who is good in 1x1 encounters, has abilities to catch prey (crowd control or gap close), and is able to kill jungle creeps –via a percentage-based attack, additional minion damage or low-mana cost AOE ability.

Jungler is a very mobile team member who can easily engage in fights to save their allies. They also often have good snowball ability and carry potential. Apart from that, utilizing jungle camps is one of the main priorities. The benefit here is that you don’t have to share gained XP or gold.

Junglers are expected to have a good understanding of the game in order to estimate where they can deliver the best performance. Therefore, you must constantly track foe’s movements, the timers of the camps, laners health states, and many more.

League of Legends Mid Lane

A mid lane is the main center of action throughout the whole game. It is the shortest way between bases and it’s ideal for a jungler attack. Apart from 1 x 1 battling skills, good map awareness and long-term strategic thinking are essential aspects of delivering an impressive performance in this role.

As the lane is the center of the map, a mid laner is frequently helping allies in need. They aid in defending or taking the objects or merely get engaged in fights, while the jungler is respawning or occupied.

ADC Lane

ADC is a marksman champion, who is focused on dealing heavy damage from range. There are various types of ADC: those who focus on single-hit damage and the power of critical strikes early, and those who rely on on-hit effects and attack speed. The skillset may vary as well. While some ADC are suited for aggressive gameplay, others have abilities for escaping and breaking engagements.

It’s vital to have all the attributes of heavy AD carry when late-game begins. These attributes include a high critical strike chance, good attack speed, armor penetration, and, probably, some sustain. Correct item build facilitates getting all of these.

In order to buy items, you will need a lot of gold – more than anyone else on your team. Therefore, farming and survivability at the beginning of the game must become your priority. Don’t worry; you won’t have to deal with your foes alone. The “assigned” support is to look after you during the entire match. Be aware that your champion has very limited defensive ability. Always try to keep a high health level and have your escape spells ready.

We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you Pick Your Main Role in League of Legends. We hope you enjoyed this guide. Did you want to find Your Main Role in League of Legends or Sell League of Legends Account , click