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When we fall in love, we want to know everything about the object of our passion. Surely the same thing happens to you, so we have thought that nothing better than knowing all the parts of a Custom Luxury Watches. In this way, you will surely begin to appreciate more that inseparable companion that accompanies you everywhere.

Custom Mens Watches is a fairly complex instrument that combines technology and design. But, all of them are divided into a series of parts that individually have a specific function and that, together, form a rapport that makes them become the perfect mechanism that you wear on your wrist.

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The value of each of them is calculated based on its brand, its design and the quality of each of the parts of a wristwatch. So let's define them, do you want to know more about your favorite complement?

The strap, also called a bracelet, has the function of ensuring that the watch fits perfectly on your wrist. It can be made of materials as different as plastic, different metals, leather, fur, synthetics, rubber or silicone, among others.

The parts of a wristwatch strap are:

Buckle: its function is to close the strap. It can be a simple pin or by means of a folding metal clasp that joins its ends.
Pin: element that holds the strap to the main body of the watch. This is done through the carrare legs.
The strap itself: whose main function is to adapt to the wrist.

The different parts of a metal wristwatch strap are made up of links that, depending on the model, can be joined by simple pins or by screws. This system allows it to be adjusted to measure so that it is correctly attached to the wrist. is an OEM manufacturer which is professionally engaged in manufacturing all kinds of Custom Womens Watches related watches products for over 20 years experience, as a stable supplier for luxury watches.