How Much Money Should You Spend On Jewellery Repair?

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Sometimes some jewellery holds a special place near our heart, so losing them can feel a little bad so we try to get a hold of them.

Sometimes some jewellery holds a special place near our heart, so losing them can feel a little bad so we try to get a hold of them. Jewellery is used in daily life routine so they can get damaged but replacing your favourite piece if an earring is not a great option so for that, we can spend some money on repairing them.

We can repair our designer Sterling Silver Jewellery because they are inexpensive so repairing them is cost effective. But there are some other varieties of jewellery available in Imitation Jewellery. Rather than repairing them, we should replace them. Silver jewellery is good for repairing but other jewellery is hard to repair so buyers replace them with another piece.

Why We Should Avoid Repairing Imitation Jewellery

Imitation jewellery is affordable but if it broke then replacing it is a better option than repairing it because repairing them charges an almost equal amount as the original price. Repairing does not work in the long term.

The alloy used in jewellery is uncertain and different alloys have different heat melting points, so they react differently when they come into direct heat contact, which can harm the colour and quality of metal. So, jewellers generally avoid Artificial Jewellery mending. Jewellery repairing is a good option if we use silver,

Cost Of Repairing Jewellery

Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery is better for repairing. These are the cost of repairing Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery repair.
  • It cost from €10 to €20 for polishing sterling silver jewellery.
  • Resetting missing stones of your ring usually costs from €25 to €30 depending on the quality of the stone.
  • If you want to resize your ring then you will pay from €15 to € 25 as per your ring size.
  • For mending any sterling silver neck chain you will spend from €10 to €20.
Silver jewellery needs repairing because silver tends to get oxidised when it comes into contact with oxygen.


Can I Get My Imitation Jewellery Fixed?

Yes, you can but we would suggest you change them because repairing can damage the quality of metal used in the jewellery.

How Can I Get My Silver Jewellery’s Shine Back?

Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery sometimes loses its shine but you can get them polished from your nearby jewellers.

How Much Does Jewellery Repair Cost?

It depends on the quality of your product. But, Artificial jewellery is better to replace than getting it repaired.

From Where I Can Get Customized Jewellery?

You can search online websites for Customized Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Gold Jewellery. You can also go to our website called Ciero jewels.
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