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SPA Massage in Karachi 03190810211 |

Body treatments like Massage, Face treatments and Facials are becoming more popular in Karachi. is one of the best places to get a spa treatment at a cheap price. It provides a variety of services such as Cheap SPA Massage in Karachi, Cheap massage in Karachi, Happy ending massage in Karachi and Body to body massage in Karachi. It also offers beauty services like facial treatments and face care products. KARACHI, PAKISTAN - When you think of the perfect weekend, it’s usually a time to put your feet up and relax.A spa is a place that offers different types of massages in order to relax people. It also provides the option of a sauna, steam bath and other facilities such as facials and pedicures. More importantly, spas are usually equipped with hot tubs that can be used for relaxation purposes or a means to meet new people. The construction of spas began in the ancient times when people believed bathing was vital for their health and well-being. It has been found that bathing cleanses the skin from bacteria and excess oils. What is more, it helps prevent diseases by removing dirt from tissues at the same time.


Oxygenspa is one such place that offers a variety of massages and other services to help you do just that. If you are looking for happy ending massage in Karachi that offers cheap spa massage in Karachi then look no further than Their wide range of services ensures that there is something for everybody and their prices are some of the most affordable around.

To find out more about the services offered visit and download their app for your phone or tablet today! is the best place to get an affordable, high quality spa and massage experience in Karachi. You can choose from our 5 most popular services, with prices starting at as low as Rs.1,000 (US$10). Let’s take a look at our favorite cheap spa and massage services:


Body To Body Massage in Karachi: Oxygenspa offers the most affordable top rated body to body massage in Karachi with prices starting at just Rs. 3,000 ($30). Our body to body therapists will give you a smooth and sensual introduction of your session by placing their hands on your skin and lightly massaging you for a few minutes before performing a more intense therapeutic deep tissue treatment. You will walk out feeling like new! is a place for people who want to get a massage but don't want to break the bank.

People who are on a tight budget can visit our website and find out how cheap we are. We offer services starting at just Rs 1850 per hour. We provide therapeutic massages, body scrubs, body wraps and many other services which help you relax and rejuvenate your skin. We also have facilities like saunas, steam room and jacuzzi where you can get some relief from your tense muscles as well as your stress levels.


The word “spa” is derived from the Latin term salus per aquam (health through water) and related to the act of bathing. Oxygen Spa in Karachi is one of the most experienced and reputable spa providers in Pakistan. At Oxygen Spa, you find all the pleasures of a spa getaway without having to leave your home town. From day spas to night clubs, beauty products and much more, everything that you need is at Oxygen Spa. The best way to de-stress is through a massage. Oxygenspa offers the best of both worlds – affordable and high quality massage services.

Oxygenspa has introduced a revolutionary new massage service in Karachi, Pakistan. Home to the most affordable and high-quality spa experience, our treatments offer otherworldly experiences that have never been seen before in Pakistan. There are many ways people relieve stress at home but they may not be as effective as a professional massage has the ability to reach deep into muscles and joints that are otherwise inaccessible. Even better, they require no equipment or effort on your part!


Some people believe that massage therapy is just for relaxation, which is very common in Asia. But it is also used for a variety of treatments such as improving circulation and relaxing muscles. offers a range of massages, both traditional and modern, to suit all needs. From cheap spa in Karachi to cheap massage in Karachi, they have you covered with the best services and happy ending massage in Karachi. For the ultimate relaxation experience at an affordable price, visit Oxygenspa today!

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You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after spending some time at massage place. Oxygenspa is a place for both men and women to enjoy Spa services such as massages, body scrub, body treatments and different types of therapies. Massage services are available for people who want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Services like foot massage, deep tissue massage, back shoulder neck massage, head shoulder neck massage are also available. There’s a spa on every street corner in Karachi, but few of them offer the full range of massage treatments. Oxygenspa offers the best of all worlds: traditional massages, Thai massages, Swedish massages in Karachi, and more.


At you can enjoy a low-cost package that includes one hour of massage time and one hour of facials or waxing. Feeling generous? Give as gift to friends and family members as well! Want to experience the most relaxing spa treatment in town? Oxygenspa is a first-rate, premium massage and spa center that offers a variety of services. We offer a variety of wellness treatments, including the best services to provide you with the freshest and most luxurious spa experience.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience, which is why we offer high quality service at competitive prices. We have been in operation for over 10 years and as our reputation grows in Karachi, we are more popular than ever before! At Oxygenspa, we care about your happiness and your health. That's why when you visit us for an all-inclusive service, you get our signature Oxygen Massage Treatment for Free with every single package.