Get Enhanced Protection with McAfee Internet Security 2014

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Browse the net without worrying about security risks. Shop online with confidence and keep your digital presence secure with McAfee Internet Security 2014.

McAfee has been making effective online protection software for decades. It has now become one of the world’s best security solution providers. In this blog, we will discuss the effectiveness of McAfee Internet Security 2014. McAfee Internet Security 2014 is a good protection tool that enhances digital safety and allows users to surf the net online. To know more about the McAfee Internet Security 2014. 

Why Go for McAfee Internet Security 2014?

Whether you are looking for essential information or want to check your office emails, you need the internet. When your device connects to the internet, your device becomes unsafe and may be attacked by cybercriminals. To keep your device safe from harmful sites and cyberattacks, you must have the McAfee Internet Security 2014 on your device. Read why it is a good program. 

The Features of McAfee Internet Security 2014

With McAfee Internet Security 2014, your device gets complete protection against data theft and other risks. Read the features of McAfee Internet Security 2014. McAfee offers:


  • Full Defense against Viruses and Malware


McAfee Internet Security 2014 has an inbuilt good scanning engine that detects the existing threats on your PC and removes them. It guards your PC against Trojans, spyware, malware, rootkits, etc. 


  • Safe Shopping Experience


While you shop online and make online payments, you are at risk. McAfee Internet Security 2014 gives you a safe shopping experience and keeps your payment details secure. It also informs whether visiting a site is safe or not. 


  • Vulnerability Scanner


A vulnerability scanner keeps your operating system safe and secure and tells if your system needs an update. The vulnerability scanner checks for missing updates and asks you to install the updates. A vulnerability scanner keeps all your PC programs updated by removing the chance of infection on your PC. 


  • It Blocks Malicious Popup Ads


Some websites keep displaying ads that may annoy a visitor, especially when you are reading a web page on your PC. Clicking such an ad link may harm your system, as such links often redirect users to a malicious website. McAfee Internet Security 2014 secures your device against bad popup ads on your PC.


  • Security Reports


The security reports offer you a visual idea of what is happening in the world of security. By getting an idea of your device and data safety through security reports provided by McAfee Internet Security 2014, you will be able to take appropriate steps to tighten the security of your device more in a good way.


  • Anti-Spam Protection


Unwanted emails may cause a nuisance to anyone. They may also be bad. The McAfee Internet Security 2014 has anti-spam protection that filters out malicious emails and ensures that you get the right emails in your email inbox. 


  • Parental Controls


The Parental Controls feature allows parents to see what their kids are doing in the online world so that parents can limit the kids’ access to harmful sites. The Parental Controls feature keeps kids safe in the online world. 


We have described how greatly McAfee Internet Security 2014 works to protect a device and data. We have shared the features of this program in full detail. We hope the article helps you better understand the effectiveness of this program.


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