Best Dermatologist in Noida

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Best Dermatologist in Noida | Skin Logics

Schedule an appointment with the Best Dermatologist in Noida at Skin Logics to make your appearance more youthful with forehead lines reduction treatment. Forehead lines can appear due to hyperactive frontalis muscles which are responsible for elevating the eyebrows, orbicularis oculi muscle around the eye, and other facial muscles like the corrugator and procerus. Botox or anti-wrinkle injection is one of the best treatments to alleviate forehead lines as it works in paralyzing these muscles. It is a neuromodulator, a cosmetic injection that is injected by the dermatologist in the targeted muscles lying in the forehead. This treatment works miraculously in providing a smoother, tighter forehead skin. The natural-looking full results usually take a few days (3-5) to appear. To know more about this treatment, schedule your appointment today!