Why E-Commerce needs a Contact Center Software

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We have already established the fact that contact center solutions are 'the' way to improve your customer experience. Due to the pandemic, online shopping has become the need of the hour, as a lot of people prefer shopping online via e-commerce websites, rather than going to a store. However, online shopping comes with its own challenges such as product availability issues, order tracking, payment issues, customer support, etc. 


A robust call center software in India can help your business thrive in this highly competitive market. You can reduce resolution time of customer complaints with our integrated CRM data which provides the complete history of the customer’s orders. Your agents will always have enough information for top class customer service.


Call center software in India needs to be more versatile when it comes to providing service; they may need different types of channels such as incoming and outgoing dialer, chatbots, email services, voicebots etc. 


By using contact center solutions organizations can :-


● Monitor agent’s performance

● Listen to call recordings

● Manage agent timelines for solving queries

● Minimize human error

● Be cost efficient


SlashRTC’s contact center solutions can help organizations with end to end customer related processes, from purchase, to customer support, to completion of any query or issue from the customer's side. 


Let’s discuss the process by an example - A customer orders a mobile device from an ecommerce website and he gets the product but not in the color he wished for. So, the first thing he will do is raise the issue with the chatbot which will try to resolve the issue. But if the customer is not satisfied and wishes to talk to the agent to get clarity he can connect to an agent through a call. The whole process may have several calls followed by one another. 


SlashRTC’s Automated recordings and reports can easily store and help you keep track of each customer query till it gets resolved. The call recording data is auto saved in SlashRTC’s portal which can be listened to and downloaded at any time by agents or supervisors. In addition, SlashRTC offers a feature called call dispositions, which allows a customer service agent to view more information about the customer before he connects the call. 


These features will help your organization avoid any massive customer escalations, as the main issue faced by customers is that they have to go on repeating the same issue to multiple, different customer service agents, which can get frustrating if they see no progress in their complaint being resolved and handled tactfully. 


The key to a happy customer is making sure they know you understand their problem and that you are empathetic about the issue they are facing by assuring them clarity and a solution on a timely basis. 


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