Tips for performing erotic massage

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Do you want to give your beloved unearthly bliss? Pamper him with an erotic massage. For this, it is absolutely not necessary to go to special courses. You can master the basics of this skill yourself.

And we will introduce you to the secrets of Thai masseuses, which will allow you to give a man wonderful moments. This will bring bright colors to your intimacy, because after such a massage he will definitely not remain in debt

Since the massage is supposed to be continuous, pay attention to the choice of massage oil. Better buy it in a sex shop. Firstly, such a special intimate oil will not cause irritation of the genital mucosa, and secondly, it is compatible with latex condoms.

You can start with an aromatic bath or shower, after which you gently wipe your loved one with a soft terry towel

Have him lie down on his stomach. Make sure his body is relaxed. You can determine this by a simple sign: during the massage, he should have a heavy and relaxed head.

Start by synchronizing your breath. To do this, put your palm between his shoulder blades. Feel his breath, tune in and breathe with him to the beat.

Start slowly stroking his body with your fingers, descending to the feet.

During the massage, keep in constant contact with him. Casually touch him with your hip, elbow or knee so that he does not get bored and sexual arousal does not subside.

Tips for performing erotic massage
Do not start a massage if you are in a bad mood. Your partner will feel it.
Watch your partner's reaction to massage at different points of the body. So you can find new erogenous zones.
Moisturize your bodies with essential oils, so it is more convenient and pleasant to glide over your partner's skin during a massage.
Do not take your hands off the body of the second half, keep constant tactile contact during the erotic massage.
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