Peshtemals, Turkish Towels

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Peshtemal House is a manufacturer of Turkish Towels, Peshtemals, Hammam Towels and Terry towels.

Why, hello there! I’m Taryn. I feel the need to introduce myself, since I’ve been living under a rock all these years. A friend recently reached out to me explaining that she was looking at buying a Turkish towel–sometimes called Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels–and wanted to know if I had any opinions on them. Well, no, seeing as I’ve never used one or even heard of them. If you, like my friend, have questions about these lightweight towels’ absorbency and how they hold up over time, here are a few pearls of wisdom from the internet.

Peshtemal is a Turkish towel in the style of the legendary Hammam bath towels of Turkey. Today, the peshtamel has been rediscovered to be used in countless ways. Known for its fast-drying, lightweight and compact nature, it is perfect for traveling, a day at the beach, a picnic, a scarf or shawl, a throw, or after a soothing bath or shower. You have found the ultimate source for premium Turkish Towels! We have a mindfully designed selection of flat woven and terry looped Turkish Towels and Throws that are both beautiful and functional.

Each piece is meticulously handwoven on manual looms by skilled artisans in a small town in Turkey. We only use premium grade, 100% long staple Turkish Cotton that is free of harmful chemicals. Our towels are naturally soft, absorbent and durable. Our goal is to bring you ethically made and sustainably sourced products at an affordable price. We hope you will join our amazing Olive Linen community and fall in love with our Turkish Towels.

We are the ultimate destination for beautiful affordable designer Turkish Towels. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – Turkish Beach Towels or Turkish Bath Towels - we have it all. Available at affordable prices, our designer cheap Turkish Beach Towels are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton, woven in Turkey and designed in Australia. Our premium Turkish Towels are made from the highest quality cotton, colour fast bright colours and have hand knotted fringes making them unique, soft and durable.

Our designs are suitable for anyone, no matter what age or where you are in the world. Whether you want Turkish Towels or across the other side of the country, we can get our Turkish beach towels to you. With our exclusive designs, you know that every time you purchase from Loopys you are receiving a premium first class product. There is no other Towel like the Turkish towel, it is super light, super soft, absorbent, big in size and will last forever. No one should leave home without a Loopys Turkish Towel!