I heard that the Cannon can strike and you can also attack.

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I heard that the Cannon can strike and you can also attack.

Does the barrows special only work when you've got the whole set? Is there anything you would say is worth doing and is RS gold enjoyable? To get slayer, I heard that the Cannon can strike and you can also attack. Should I choose one to every task? What does my inv. Look just for slayer? What does my inv. Better to range or melee Ahrims/Karils? Can you havea guide for sallies? How exactly do I do them? Should I market my claws for money and gear? If I want to kill green dragoners or green monster spiders... what's the best method?

Any tactics/set anything and ups to understand about them. I can have Earth Wave. Bridding: How/what do I hybrid with in a safe minigame? White FFA... any good combos? W/o ancients. Just need to fool around. I understand how to make the rift robots however what about the deeper bots? Do I summon something at level 15 summoning for slay actions? Do I change helms everytime I change my style? (Just Like Berserker to Archer to Farseer) What equipment do I buy? (Like pots, etc.) Food, any armor? I would like to stock up correctly as I wish to perform slayer as much as I can.

look like? Shield for if ranging? Lets say a monster is weak to stab and stove. Can I range him if I don't have a stab weapon, or can crush operate just as fine? Thorny snail vs Granite crab? Regen versus combat brace for slayer? Better to stove or melee dragons with my stats? Are there some multipurpose rings? Mage/range/melee? Claws or Fury? Together with Fury, I could even have some spare money. Any critters that I can grind on I can profit from?

Staff for p2p mage? Any bosses or anything I can solo? Is your torso worth getting? I am 50 50 on it. Where do I find a group to GWD with? For 70 str quickly, where if I train? Is slayer a fantastic option? For 70 defence, where should I train? I want this like really quick. ROL vs ROW vs ROR vs zerker ring? Claws of guthix vs saradomin attack versus zamorok w/e.

How long will 99 fletching take? How much does this cost? How long can it take to acquire a staff and a cape in the mage arena. Is it effortless to get piety? If I do the pursuit which gets me the vacant prayer book? People today state to buy rs gold paypal take 200 candies to jad however they're 10K each. How can you manage that? Together with flasks and everything, what will my inv. And gear be for jad. How much benefit is it/barrows run? Are there some monsters which I could camp on?