League of Legends Live Betting: Your Ultimate LoL Betting Guide 2022

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As a traditional representative of the MOBA genre, League of Legends features two teams of five players fighting to destroy the main enemy's stronghold. Starting from the opposing corners of a map, two teams move to their aim

With the start of a year for League of Legends (LoL) players, all major regions will be starting their respective seasons. In this guide, we will be going over the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the premier League of Legends-based tournament in China. Here’s all you need to know about LPL betting: from the odds, LPL betting sites, tips and strategies, the LPL’s format, we’ve got you covered! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Top League of Legends betting sites of 2022

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Game rules and objectives

As a traditional representative of the MOBA genre, League of Legends features two teams of five players fighting to destroy the main enemy's stronghold. Starting from the opposing corners of a map, two teams move to their aim — the Nexus, located in the heart of the competitors' base. There are about 160 player-controlled champions (heroes) available to choose from that perform different roles (Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support), and a couple of playable maps.

LPL 2022 Format

In order to maximize your returns with LPL Betting, it is extremely important to understand how the LPL tournaments work. The season consists of two regular splits, the Spring and Summer Split, split by the first international tournament of the year, the Mid-Season Invitational.

Both Spring and Summer Split are a single round robin, meaning that all teams will face each other once. All the series will be are best of three, meaning that whoever wins two games gets awarded the points in the standings. Nonetheless, winning games in the lost series is also very important, especially when considering the tie-breakers. If two teams have the same number of series won, ties will be broken by game differential first and then the two teams head to head records.

Starting from last year, the Chinese League started adopting a new format for playoffs. With the number of playoff teams increased to 10, the Riot Games and TJ Sports (the organizers behind the LPL) used a double elimination playoff bracket. Previously, only the top eight qualified for the single elimination bracket playoffs.

Now, instead, more teams will have the chance to fight for the title, which is essential since championship points are rewarded based on the final standings. The Championship points are vital for teams that want to go to Worlds, as the top seed gets a spot while the rest need to fight for the remaining two in the Regional Finals.

In this tournament, the top 6 in championship points (excluded the teams who already qualified) would go up against each other and mark the end of the LPL season for most teams.

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s see which are the best teams going into the 2022 LPL and what are the best strategies to start your own betting on LPL.

League of Legends Betting StrategyUltimately your knowledge of the game will be your biggest friend when it comes to your League of Legends betting strategy. Knowing the ins and outs of each team and the champions that they like to play is key. Also important is having an understanding of which teams tend to fare better in the early or late stages of a game.

Some champion abilities are more beneficial in the early part of the game while the benefits for others may become apparent towards the end.

As with all betting opportunities, it’s important to research before parting with any of your hard-earned cash.If you do plan on partaking in League of Legends betting consider the data required to inform your bets. If you focus on watching past matches to get a feel for the game and analyse teams records against one another there’s no reason why League of Legends can’t play a part in your overarching eSports betting strategy.

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